Drug Discovery Requires a Multidisciplinary Approach

BIOVIA’s end-to-end integrated solutions for Small Molecule Therapeutics Design help researchers identify high-quality drug molecules faster at reduced costs, while enhancing R&D efficiency and team collaboration. Built over decades of expertise in research informatics, physics-based molecular modeling and simulation, and lab informatics, BIOVIA offers state-of-the-art science powered by predictive Machine Learning and AI, with the convenience of the 3DEXPERIENCE SaaS cloud.

Solutions Tailored to Your Research Needs

BIOVIA’s solutions for Small Molecule Therapeutics Design streamline drug discovery from virtual lead identification and optimization to physical testing in the lab. They offer flexibility, scalability, and extensibility:

  • Easy deployment of the newest features without the hardware or IT investment
  • Customized data-driven workflows driven by the requirements of research projects
  • Accommodating the needs of both small teams and large pharmaceutical organizations
  • Ability to incorporate unique custom or third-party models, algorithms, and data sources.
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BIOVIA's Small Molecule Therapeutics Design Solutions

BIOVIA's solutions for Small Molecule Therapeutics Design are available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, seamlessly integrated on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Scientists can access, analyze, and report research data real time on a single platform, facilitating collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.

Seamless integration of virtual and real experimentations allow researchers to: 

  • Promote “active learning” for identification of best compounds faster
  • Democratize access to predictive models for increased efficiency 
  • Ensure data integrity, security, traceability, and consistency throughout the drug discovery lifecycle bridging the gap between discovery and downstream activities. 

State-of the-art Science with AI and Machine Learning

BIOVIA Generative Therapeutics Design

Reduce expensive real-world testing by automating the virtual creation, testing and selection of novel small molecules with AI.

Researchers can improve lead quality and utilize multiparameter optimization (MPO) strategies to address complex target product profiles (TPPs), while shortening discovery timelines and save millions of research dollars per program.

Generative Therapeutics Design > Dassault Systemes

Harnessing the Power of Data

Gain Insights from Data

Make fast, informed decisions on which compounds to synthesize for testing.

With BIOVIA Insight, scientists can visualize, analyze, and browse molecular data proposed by Generative Therapeutics Design in detail, together with calculated properties and experimentally derived data, and can compare chemical structures, properties or other custom visualizations, while collaborating seamlessly with other team members.

BIOVIA Insight for SMTD > Dassault Systemes

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