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Every lab can benefit from an electronic lab notebook (ELN), but they are not all equal. BIOVIA Scientific Notebook takes a new approach, prioritizing scientists’ needs and helping to leverage data like never before. With Scientific Notebook, it is easy to do good science.

BIOVIA Scientific Notebook > Dassault Systemes

More than an ELN

Scientific Notebook features a mobile-friendly design, dynamic user-based templates, integrated materials management, and powerful search functions to simplify lab work and documentation efforts.

Scientific Notebook is your repository for knowledge - linking together experimental data, project context and decisions, and any other related information. It acts as the hub of contextual knowledge for solutions from both BIOVIA, and other Dassault Systemes brands. 

Free text is no longer enough. Our next ELN needs to have parameterized data. 

Director, Procedure Development
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Scientific Notebook Search Grid > Dassault Systemes
Access data and solutions across the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform

Scientific Notebook is a native cloud solution on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, centralizing experimental data for always-on access, and enabling scientists to leverage the deep scientific capabilities across the platform’s ecosystem of solutions. The open 3DEXPERIENCE platform also enables access to external marketplaces and other 3rd party services.

Complete Collaboration

Collaborate with specialized tools like ideation funnels, project tracking and maturity states, configurable communities, communications and notifications. Search across multiple 3DEXPERIENCE platform solutions from a single search bar. With directly connected applications and direct access to experimental data and results, Scientific Notebook enables collaboration like no other solution in the market. 

Scientific Notebook Collaboration > Dassault Systemes
Collaboration on Scientific Notebook
Scientific Notebook Synthetic Chemistry Video > Dassault Systemes

Synthetic Chemistry

Design and modify reaction syntheses and stoichiometry directly within Scientific Notebook. Add structures through drag-and-drop, with the included structure editor, or by browsing for existing structures in the ELN library. Configure the stoichiometry table for custom views with column sorting, and perform stoichiometry calculations with the built-in calculator. Add materials from the ELN library, or create them directly within the stoichiometry table.

Formula Design

Simplify formulation development and experimentation with direct integration to BIOVIA Formulation Design. Just drag-and-drop formulation objects into Scientific Notebook and they are automatically recognized as a formulation, generating an experimental method with the relevant formulation materials. Together, Scientific Notebook and Formulation Design transform testing of reformulated and new formulations easier than ever, with no time wasted duplicating work in the ELN.

Scientific Notebook Formulations experiment > Dassault Systemes
A formulations experiment
Scientific Notebook Experiment Grid > Dassault Systemes
Search and access experiments from multiple ELNs

Consolidate Your ELNs

Scientific Notebook can help consolidate experiments and data from multiple ELNs, enabling a single source of information for scientists. Scientific Notebook can index and display experimental records and results from existing BIOVIA Workbook and BIOVIA Notebook installations, as well as other 3rd party ELNs. This ensures scientists have access to all previous experimental data while migrating or consolidating ELNs.

One ELN Across the Product Development Lifecycle

The flexibility of Scientific Notebook, and integration with the rest of BIOVIA ONE Lab, means that a single ELN can be used across all stages of the product development lifecycle. Scientific Notebook can be used in open-ended early research environments, while also including audit trail and e-signature capabilities for use in regulated/GMP spaces. 

Scientific Notebook Formulations Approval > Dassault Systemes
Signing an experiment for approval

Take the Next Step in Your Digitalization Journey

Scientific Notebook Ensures you are getting the most out of your data, with less effort, to make good science easy. 

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