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BIOVIA Workbook is a multidisciplinary, enterprise solution for documenting and managing the flow of information, tasks and materials among scientists, software and instruments within and between labs, particularly in regulated environments such as life sciences and consumer packaged goods industries.

BIOVIA Workbook consolidates experimental data from multiple domains into fully versioned, shareable and searchable documents controlled by document workflows with secure document versioning, electronic signatures and audit trails. BIOVIA Workbook streamlines lab operations, enhances collaboration, lowers costs and increases productivity—projects are completed up to 66% faster, with up to 35% lower costs.

BIOVIA Workbook integrates advanced multi-dimensional spreadsheet capabilities that enable scientists to efficiently capture, process, and present the data in the way they want. Built-in scientific calculations streamline the documentation process, drive data consistency and minimize transcription errors. Workbook captures structured and unstructured data (including chemical structures, biological sequences, images, and numeric and text data) as well as metadata providing data integrity and supporting regulatory compliance efforts. Bi-directional integration with balances, LIMS, SDMS, CDS and other systems allows for automated error-free transfer of results and data. Workbook also provides leading analysis and reporting capabilities that advance the role of the ELN for operational, experiment and sample insight.

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Configure for Any Industry

BIOVIA Workbook is uniquely configurable to be used by organizations of all sizes and across multiple scientific disciplines such as analytical chemistry, biologics, drug development, formulations, pre-clinical in vivo pharmacology, process chemistry, and synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

On Cloud or On Premise

BIOVIA Workbook can be deployed on the cloud, using the infrastructure of BIOVIA ScienceCloud, and is designed to be validated for use in regulated industries. Cloud deployment minimizes IT overhead and ensures security procedures are carried out by dedicated professional security experts. Workbook can also be deployed and validated on-premises if desired.

ONE Lab Integration

BIOVIA Workbook is integrated directly with BIOVIA ONE Lab for truly seamless workflows. Organizations can integrate BIOVIA Workbook with their lab instruments and other data sources while also providing further rich capabilities for scientific analytics, visualization and automated report generation. In this way, BIOVIA Workbook provides a unique and optimal environment for rapidly optimizing and validation methods and recipes for compliant quality operations.

BIOVIA Workbook > Dassault Systemes

BIOVIA Workbook Capabilities

  • Create and Re-use Custom Workflows
    Author specific procedures and workflows, and deploy them for re-use, improving efficiency, productivity, and compliance
  • Flexible Experiment Editing
    Drag and drop files and images into experiments, and annotate images and update files as required.
  • Powerful Search
    Easily store, search and share entries from any location. Access saved queries, lists, and shortcuts.
  • E-signatures and IP protection
    Maximum IP protection and regulatory compliance with a built-in e-signatures function.
  • Tailored Reporting
    Configurable, out-of-the-box reporting templates, or create proprietary reports.
  • Extensibility and Customization
    Easily extend out-of-the-box features by simple configuration or add new functionality with the included Software Developer Kit.
  • BIOVIA ONE Lab Integration
    Manage tasks, procedure execution, and integrate with instruments, other data sources, business systems and lab applications such as LIMS, SDS, and CDS.
BIOVIA Workbook > Dassault Systemes

BIOVIA Workbook Benefits

  • Improve laboratory efficiency
    Automate and accelerate data entry, processing and reporting
  • Minimize data errors
    Direct data capture from instruments and electronic records ensure accuracy
  • Protect intellectual property (IP)
    Digital signatures, experiment templates and work-flow alerts ensures maximum IP protection
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
    Procedures and actions are tracked and data is easily retrieved to support audits.
  • Implement consistent processes across organizations
    Workflows and procedures can be controlled and standardized across multiple labs
  • Improve collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines
    Powerful searching brings all data to scientists across the organization

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