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With the laboratory being at the heart of every science-based organization, companies need to ensure smooth and efficient lab operations that are compliant with the different local and global regulations. While regulatory compliance and error reduction were the main drivers for the development of the first Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), current requirements demand a more modern and agile approach to laboratory supporting systems than the large monolithic systems of the past.

BIOVIA ONE Lab digitalizes the processes related to the management of samples, laboratory tasks, studies and instrument metrology. ONE Lab integrates these systems and instruments together, leveraging a single data model, and automates the capture and transfer of data across lab operations and beyond. This unique architecture enables ONE Lab to take the place of a traditional LIMS, while also adding an integrated procedure execution layer. 

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Integrated Procedure Execution

BIOVIA ONE Lab digitalizes and integrates all of the data and processes in the lab, so that guided procedure execution is a seamless part of scientist's daily workflows. Test procedures are at your fingertips, with configurable tolerances, simple step-wise execution, and direct data capture. 

Automated Review-by-Exception removes time-consuming manual approvals, accelerating batch release and increasing QC lab efficiency

ONE Lab LIMS Components

BIOVIA ONE Lab brings truly seamless workflows to scientists in a unified environment, merging Lab Management, Procedure Execution, Materials Management and our Electronic Lab Notebooks. It provides a flexible, platform-based cloud solution that allows organizations to work in an agile cost effective manner while digitalizing and streamline lab workflows for regulated and non-regulated spaces. The future-proof approach allows organizations to orchestrate and control lab operations, manage and track samples and to easily adapt to changing needs.

Sample Management

All aspects of sample management can be accomplished within ONE Lab, making it easy for scientists to keep track of their lab samples, and manage the flow of information throughout the sample lifecycle. 

ONE Lab Samples Management > Dassault Systemes
BIOVIA ONE Lab LIMS > Dassault Systemes

ONE Lab LIMS Benefits

  • Increase efficiency through streamlined workflows
  • Increase accuracy and consistency of data, information, and processes
  • Reduce errors and re-work with automated data transfer
  • Increase regulatory compliance though automation and standardization
  • Preserve data integrity with centralized storage of standardized data across an integrated solution
  • Reduce cycle times and costs by removing workflow bottlenecks
  • Minimize IT overhead with web-based applications that require less IT resources and maintenance

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