Easily Capture and Share Data

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are the gateway for capturing lab data consistently and sharing it efficiently. ELNs streamline the documentation and protection of intellectual property, help scientists collaborate in increasingly global and networked activities from discovery to manufacturing and make scientific data and observations associated with experimentation easier to capture, search, find and use.

With an ELN, many of the tedious tasks in the lab are simplified, from searching previous work and planning experiments, to preparing and performing tests, and then documenting and interpreting the results. An ELN from BIOVIA increases knowledge sharing and collaboration, eliminating the “dark data” problem that plagues paper-based labs, where up to 90% of data is only used once and then lost or forgotten. With an ELN, up to 85% of experimental data is re-used. Unnecessary repetition of experiments is also reduced, making better use of limited resources.

Choose Your ELN

BIOVIA has 3 different electronic lab notebooks, each with unique strengths and features. All ELNs can integrate directly with BIOVIA ONE Lab, for seamless workflows as scientists move through their activities. Each ELN is available on the cloud.

Good Science, Made Easy

BIOVIA Scientific Notebook is a cloud-native ELN on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling the next generation of laboratory informatics knowledge management. Scientific Notebook includes support for synthetic chemistry and integrated formulations workflows. 

BIOVIA Scientific Notebook > Dassault Systemes
BIOVIA Scientific Notebook > Dassault Systemes

Benefits of a BIOVIA ELN

  • Protect IP
    Document invention and innovation for patent filings, defense, and interferences
  • Collaborate locally or globally
    Search for and share information within and between department
  • Reduce compliance risks
    Improve data quality and ensure data integrity and traceability
  • Cut cycle times by 50%
    Reduce the time spent looking for data
  • Lower costs by 25%
    Eliminate repeat experiments
  • Improve productivity by 25%
    Remove non-value added manual activities and human errors

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