Easy to Use and Deploy

BIOVIA Notebook is an easy-to-use and easy-to deploy ELN for organizations focused on data capture, intellectual property protection, information sharing, process documentation and overall lower total cost of ownership. BIOVIA Notebook provides a high degree of flexibility for electronic data capture, while still meeting the requirements of both small to mid-size companies and large global enterprises.

BIOVIA Notebook ELN > Dassault Systemes

A Cloud-Based Knowledge Repository

Scientists can easily capture and record data on mobile devices for increased efficiency in the lab. Data is easy to search and find, by both text and chemical structures, increasing collaboration and eliminating “dark data” – the data which is often used only once and then forgotten or lost. Experiment templates save time and ensure consistency across the labs. The software is easy to use and learn, requiring minimal training – users are often up and running within an hour.

On Cloud and Validation-Ready

BIOVIA Notebook can be deployed on the cloud, using the infrastructure of BIOVIA ScienceCloud, in either a public cloud or validation-ready multi-tenant cloud environment. Cloud deployment minimizes IT overhead and ensures security procedures are carried out by dedicated professional security experts. Notebook can also be deployed and validated on-premises if desired.


  • Flexible experiment editor
    Record experiments quickly and easily. Work with text, images, documents, chemical structures, analytical data and more.
  • Powerful Search
    Easily store, search and share entries from any location
  • E-signatures and IP protection
    Maximum IP protection and regulatory compliance with a built-in e-signatures function. Includes workflow reminders to ensure that experiments are signed and countersigned in a timely manner.
  • Access Control
    Versatile permissions management based on project and group memberships. Easy to change from open to locked-down configuration when required.
  • Notebook library
    Keep your most valuable assets in one place. The library provides instant access to all the notebooks of past and current team members.
  • Synthetic Chemistry
    Record chemical structures and reactions using your favorite chemical drawing tool (BIOVIA Draw, MarvinSketch and ChemDraw). Access chemical structures from your inventory system, or use the built-in chemical catalogue.
  • BIOVIA Unified Lab Integration
    Manage tasks, data capture and procedure execution, and integrate with instruments and data sources
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
    Scientific analytics, visualization and automated report generation when used with Pipeline Pilot

BIOVIA Notebook Benefits

  • Focus on the Science
    Replace paper notebooks and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual searching and documentation
  • Flexible, Easy to Use and Deploy
    Deploy quickly and get teams up to speed and productive in weeks while gaining an electronic notebook that meets the demands of today’s global enterprise
  • Maximize your Flexibility
    Use your ELN anywhere on any device – including tablets directly where the data are created
  • Collaborate Instantly
    Easily store, search and share all notebook entries from any location
  • Protect Your IP
    Digital signatures, experiment templates and work-flow alerts ensures maximum IP protection

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