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BIOVIA Insight allows users gather, visualize, and analyze research data. BIOVIA Insight also helps users collaborate seamlessly across the enterprise and among networked partners to make fast, informed decisions as a team on how to move research projects to the next level. BIOVIA Insight for Excel is an add-in to Microsoft Excel that provides capabilities for scientific data analysis within the familiar Excel spreadsheet environment.

Key benefits of BIOVIA Insight include:

  • Search and Import Data Quickly and Easily
    • Access data from multiple sources in different formats.
  • Browse and Visualize Data in Detail
    • Browse data real time, against the source database or project team extracts, using the same user-definable browse forms.
  • Filter and Combine Data
    • Refine retrieved data by filtering and/or supplement with additional data from the same sources, ensuring the right data is always available.
  • Visualize Your Data Your Way
    • Choose the format you prefer to view your data from tables to forms, charts or other customized formats through simple drag-and-drop capabilities. 
  • Run Extensive Calculations and Analytics
    • Apply advanced data analytics directly to your data and visualize the results quickly.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly
    • Create a workspace for your team where everyone can contribute to data collection, analysis and decision making. 
  • Make It Your Own
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Working with the intuitive web interface, customize your workflows and preferences. Integrate BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot protocols to provide specific scientific calculations, ways to visualize, export and report data to meet your organization’s needs and expertise.

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BIOVIA Insight
BIOVIA Insight for Excel
Scientific Data Analysis and Collaboration Within Microsoft Excel

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