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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Imaging Collection revolutionizes image informatics in different areas of research including life sciences, chemistry, materials science, clinical research, and more. With its dataflow automation and visual programming capabilities, the Imaging Collection empowers users with advanced image and video analytics.

The collection offers a wide range of protocols and components that are specifically designed for image processing. Integration with machine learning algorithms and deep learning frameworks allows for predictive modeling, helping researchers harvest the most valuable insights from complex imaging data. You can also combine your imaging data with other data types, such as sensor, numeric, text, chemical, and biological data.

Harnessing BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot’s open server architecture on Web Port, you can deploy comprehensive classification algorithms based on available deep learning methods off the shelf, pre-trained on Image-net that could be on all other image types and democratize computer-vision-based scientific workflows. By streamlining access and providing the ability to collaborate easily through a web-accessible environment, you can make faster and more informed decisions.

Benefits of the Collection

  • Source data flexibly
    • Retrieve images from a variety of sources, databases and formats
  • Automate image processing
    • Geometric transformations, filtering, contrast enhancement and more
  • Streamline analysis
    • Image segmentation, classification, complex multi-channel measurements and annotation
  • Scale for Big Data
    • Support for large images (e.g. tissue slides, confocal microscopy, etc.)
  • Support HPC and grid systems
    • Oracle Grid Engine, LSF, and PBS/Torque
  • Simplify deep learning
    • Import and deploy pre-trained deep learning models

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