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How can we create preventive healthcare tailored to each patient?


Meet Emma Twin, the virtual twin for Dassault Systèmes

Her job: Simulate multiple medical conditions on herself to help medicine. She is like a crash test dummy for healthcare.

It may sounds like science fiction... but in fact, it's just science!

Create a more patient-centric healthcare model to improve patient experience

Thanks to the virtual twin, surgeons can practice procedures on exact replicas of their patients before the actual operation begins and medical students can learn in real-life conditions.
The simulations will help surgeons choose the most appropriate sutures and materials for each patient ahead of medical procedures, helping to relieve pain, ensure fast healing and deliver the best surgical outcomes while significantly cutting down on wasted materials.

Virtual twins can also educate and empower patients by explaining the impact of the disease and the treatment options on one’s body.

Accelerate the access to care

Virtual twins can advance scientific innovation through unlimited modeling and biorealistic simulation, to evaluate and test potential impacts on the human body, all before physical manufacturing.
Companies can develop new devices to gather patient data and medical teams can work together in order to get a comprehensive view of a patient’s body, from its DNA to its organism as a whole. With a better knowledge of a patient’s specific condition come more efficient treatments.

Through virtual clinical trials, new medicines and vaccines are developed faster and more efficiently, with reduced risks for patients. With this approach, life sciences companies can test and refine ideas, treatments, products and processes in the computer, considerably shortening the development period and lowering the number of physical resources necessary for the trial.

myMedidata: Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

Enabling patients to virtually participate in the industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric solution

FEOPS - Simulations for patient-centric heart interventions

Revolutionizing structural heart interventions through data-driven use of cardiac imaging.


CorNeat Vision a revolution in corneal replacement therapy

Introduce biomimetic implants that aim to permanently resolve medical and surgical challenges in diversified therapeutic fields.

Improve people’s health throughout their life with preventive healthcare

The future of medicine lies it the ability to keep people in good health as much as possible. With the help of virtual twins, preventive healthcare can improve people’s environment and comfort throughout their life to reduce their need for drugs and hospitalization.

Transforming the Patient Experience with IASO

Showcases the lifecycle of a combination product in oncology to transform the patient experience.

Dynocardia to monitor blood pressure

Makes wearable devices that accurately and continuously measure blood pressure can save lives.

Preventing transmission of viruses in hospitals

In Saint-Louis Hospital, they use air flow simulation to understand how respiratory-borne pathogens spread and prevent the transmission of viruses.


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