Act for Water & Consumption

How can we consume smarter and protect our most precious resource?


Water for life

Water, the source of life, it intrigues and fascinates us. Yet, this precious resource is being polluted by the way we consume.

Dassault Systèmes wants to address the challenge, and offers, through Virtual worlds, tremendous accelerators for measuring and optimizing the water footprint of businesses, supporting the growth of sustainability-focused innovation and empowering future generations.

Discover how Dassault Systèmes propose its Virtual Platform to meet the world's water challenges.

Victoire de Margerie, VP Corporate Marketing, Branding & Communication Dassault Systèmes, discusses the launch of the second Act of the campaign and sensitizes to Improve water management.

Key commitments to address Water & Consumption challenges

Alice Steenland

Reduce the water footprint

The overconsumption of fresh water is one of the greatest threats the planet faces.

Irresponsible use of water to produce consumer goods and services jeopardizes the availability of water resources, which is why the United Nations Decade of Actions includes among its Sustainable Development Goals “ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.”

Dassault Systèmes wishes to give our customers, partners and ecosystem the means to better understand their impact on water resources, and work with them to create sustainable approaches to consumption.

We will adapt our solutions to provide customers, in all industries, the ability to measure the water footprint of anything they create and optimize water’s use throughout its lifecycle, starting before market launch.

Alice Steenland, Chief Sustainability officer, Dassault Systèmes shares her experience with us.

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