Virtual Twin as a Service, a shortcut to value

Take the fast lane to profitability with Virtual Twin as a Service, reducing time and costs while enhancing efficiency.

From vision to value, in the blink of an eye

The need for industries to transform past traditional business models, scale faster, and build resiliency is no longer an option. In today’s hyper-speed, hyper-competitive marketplace, time to value is a critical competitive advantage.


Virtual Twin as a Service enables you to find shortcuts to this value: a cutting-edge solution to accelerate your digital capabilities. It is a turnkey solution that doesn’t just give you the technology you need, but also the expertise and skillsets to identify, deploy, operate, and manage that technology to create real value, not additional processes. And it does this in weeks, rather than years.

“Whether you’re designing a battery or planning a new infrastructure project, virtual twins are key. But customers don’t necessarily want to build their own twin; they mainly want the value that twins provide. Through Virtual Twin as a Service on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we give customers the fast track to that value.” 

Michel Tellier
Vice President of Virtual twin as a Service, Dassault Systèmes

DELIVER the solutions you need, understanding your specific requirements and building virtual twin assets optimized to them

RUN the virtual twins, leveraging our unique in-house expertise with years of experience of designing and running cutting-edge simulations

IMPROVE the virtual twin asset over its life, helping you continually optimize, mitigate risk and reduce time-to-value

Virtual Twin as a Service offers:

With Virtual Twin as a Service, let us handle the complexity so you can focus on making the strategic decisions that will turn challenges into opportunities, drive your long-term success, and make innovation happen today.

Find out more about Virtual Twin as a Service capabilities, and how they can help you accelerate your time to market:

Factory Virtual Twin as a Service

Achieve manufacturing sustainability, efficiency and cost savings with a virtual twin of your industrial plant.

Battery Virtual Twin as a Service

Optimize the battery chemistry and performance with a virtual twin.

Commercial Virtual Twin as a Service

Enhance the customer experience with data-driven insights from a single source of truth.

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