Factory Virtual Twin as a Service

Achieve manufacturing sustainability, efficiency and cost savings with a virtual twin of your industrial plant.

Imagine evaluating the effectiveness of production lines before the physical industrial plant or factory even exists. Now, you can turn this vision into a reality with a factory virtual twin, thanks to Virtual Twin as a Service (VTaaS).


The factory virtual twin gives you the ability to:

  • Accelerate time to value while minimizing costs and risks
  • Optimize production planning and plant organization through factory modeling
  • Simulate, test and verify processes to mitigate risks and boost efficiencies
  • Identify potential failures by evaluating what-if scenarios
  • Deliver products on budget, on schedule and right the first time

The Shortcut To Manufacturing Excellence

Keen to achieve value in industrial process optimization? Take the lead from a renowned global retail conglomerate specializing in natural cosmetics and well-being products. The company used a virtual twin for many additional studies, including COVID-19 airflow analysis, analysis of thermal conditions that created worker discomfort at certain times of day, and noise simulations, especially in areas where earplugs are mandatory. But its production site, faced a critical need to grasp how workstation design could reduce occupational health issues. To accomplish this mission effectively, it engaged VTaaS to develop a virtual twin of the plant floor.

Thanks to VTaaS, employees experienced their new work environment by exploring the virtual twin of the production line. This life-size, immersive experience allowed employees to identify issues and propose cost-effective improvements easily.

Explore Unlimited Possibilities

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the factory virtual twin offers more than just manufacturing optimization. Whether you need to improve productivity, upgrade communication networks or enhance worker ergonomics, the VTaaS team stands ready to help you explore new and exciting experiences for the virtual twin model.

Achieve Factory Precision, Unlock Value Faster

Produce quality products with fewer late-cycle changes with a Factory Virtual Twin as a Service (VTaaS).

Our Customers

See how our clients have used Virtual Twin as a Service to transform their operations:

L'OCCITANE en Provence, Laboratoires M&L

Handling the formulation and production of natural cosmetics for L’OCCITANE Group, Laboratoires M&L – L'OCCITANE en Provence embraces simulation and virtual twins on 3DEXPERIENCE to run efficient and sustainable production facilities that prioritize workers’ health and safety.


Prodomax leverages DELMIA simulation and virtual twin capabilities to support a new approach to planning, validating and optimizing customers’ production lines.


Eaton manufactures connectors for harsh environments.

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