Eaton manufactures connectors for harsh environments.

DELMIA is scalable because it allows us to communicate well with our systems.

Francois-Xavier Marchais
Vice-President of Operations, Aerospace Group, Eaton


Challenge lies in maintaining product traceability, quality, and affordable cost, all while managing a diverse global production network involving machining, electroplating, molding, and assembly.


By adopting DELMIA, a solution that communicates efficiently with ERP or PLM systems and ENOVIA, production processes are dematerialized leading to improved product traceability and meticulous management of efficiency and quality.


This digital transformation strategy has brought forth numerous benefits such as improved visibility in production workshops, real-time decision-making capabilities, and a uniform solution throughout the production chain. Moreover, this evolution has significantly improved productivity, safety, and maintenance levels, making it an integral part of Eaton's global expansion strategy.

Francois-Xavier Marchais, Vice-President of Operations, Aerospace Group, Eaton

We manufacture connectors for harsh environments. These range from deep-sea to high-altitude, in satellites and rockets. Our main customers are in the civil aviation industry. These aircraft expect very high quality products from us, with a very high level of traceability and obviously the best cost, too.

Today, the company employs around 3,400 people in ten factories around the world. There are factories that range in size from small, around 50 people, to larger ones with around 1,000 people.

Franck Jollivet, Production Director, Eaton

Our production involves four main processes: machining, electroplating, molding and assembly. We currently have a hundred machines all connected to the MES in real time.

For several years now, our ambition has been to digitalize our production workshop to increase our competitiveness, to manage our efficiency and quality more precisely, to dematerialize our production documents for the same cost as paper, and to improve our product traceability process.

Francois-Xavier Marchais

DELMIA is scalable because it allows us to communicate well with the ERP or PLM systems and ENOVIA.

Franck Jollivet

The main users of the solution is our operators or team leaders. The methods and quality teams and the supply chain are production benefits.

The main benefits brought by the modifications are better visibility in our production workshops, to decide in real time to have a homogeneous solution throughout the production chain, to harmonize our processes over time, harmonize indicators and have a single solution for all our indicators.

Today, versatility testing, quality management, maintenance levels and safety are the main benefits of measures already taken.

Eaton employs around 3,400 people in ten factories around the world.

Francois Xavier Marchais

In certain areas there has been an improvement in our productivity thanks to the data we've been able to collect and focus on the right actions to help people in the workshops and to improve both the quality and the ease of their work every day.

The plan is to roll out this system to all our sites - there are about ten of them worldwide. That remains our goal.


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