Virtual Twin Experiences in Infrastructure & Cities

Sustainability boosting urban transformation

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Why digital twin is an essential tool for smart cities?

For governments, non-profit organizations and private businesses who are tasked with understanding how things behave in buildings and cities, digital twin technology takes knowledge gathering to the next level.

Having a 3D model that’s constantly being fed real time data from sensors as well as input from both officials and citizens in the real world holds massive potential to make conditions more environmentally-friendly and effective.

Decision-makers who can experience what a change will look like and how it will affect their operations with digital models can make better, more sustainable decisions.

Stakeholders responsible for sourcing materials needed to create built environments can also benefit from this approach, such as gaining insights into material options or designing safer equipment and ventilation systems in mines.

Where can digital twin of cities be used?

Establishing a 360° view of a building to manage everything from energy consumption to space management

Testing how moving to an electric vehicle fleet can impact mine design, workshop set-up and resource recovery

Helping steel and iron producers improve materials re-use

How can we best construct the housing of the future?

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Transforming urban planning

Virtual Twin technologies enabling collaborative work in smart city project.

A virtual twin of a city intuitively facilitates data sharing across the ecosystem: digital twins are central to digital transformation.

Dassault Systèmes enables all smart cities stakeholders to collaborate beyond disciplinary silos and drive digital transformation in territorial and urban projects to become more sustainable, resilient and resourceful.

Urban digital twin examples

Worldwide commitment for urban sustainability

The United Nations Sustainable development goals are worldwide guidelines to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


Virtual Twin Experience for Infrastructure & Cities, powered by Dassault Systèmes, is focusing on spurring economic growth and tackling climate change through Goals 2, 6, 7,11 and 15.

These goals drive long-term regulations to instill positive change, reduce resource consumption and reach net-zero carbon emissions.

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