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As the transportation industry shifts towards a more sustainable future, all parties including Car and Light Truck OEMs, Suppliers, Trains, Trucks and Buses, Mobility Services, Motorcycles, Racing Cars, are adapting to alternative energy technologies and autonomous controls. Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) vehicles are driving this change, demanding agility and speed in response to new demands, and a user-oriented approach. To succeed in this evolving landscape, manufacturers, public transport companies, and mobility service providers need high levels of automation, optimization, and decision support.

DELMIA offers innovative solutions for manufacturers to collaborate, model, optimize, and perform for continuous improvement of activities, processes, and products. By seamlessly moving between virtual and real worlds, DELMIA empowers companies to stay ahead of the curve and quickly adapt to changes and disruptions. This is how manufacturers across the board can thrive in the new era of Transportation & Mobility. DELMIA solutions can address a wide range of goals in multiple areas, including:

  • Industrial engineering, process simulation, and virtual build
  • Manufacturing Operations Management extended with augmented reality
  • Comprehensive Planning from Integrated Business Planning to Detailed Production Scheduling
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Fleet, Crew & Logistics Planning

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Learn How DELMIA Can Help You in These Industry Segments

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Vehicle OEM’s across all industries must constantly adapt to new regulations and bring new technologies to market, including electric and other alternative power solutions. The key to success lies in efficiently accelerating NPI, enabling virtual prototyping, simplifying engineering collaboration, and integrating Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). They need digitalized systems providing virtualization and simulation for products and processes to ensure manufacturability and accelerate NPI. Integrated planning and execution can provide full, end-to-end visibility over the entire value network for agile and effective decision-making and close coordination with suppliers to support just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) manufacturing.

Mobility Services

DELMIA optimizes mobility services and public transport planning with demand-driven timetables, employee preferences, and maintenance optimization. This results in efficient handling of disruptions, cost and emission reductions, and customer satisfaction. Scenario planning capabilities also enable operators to adapt to changing regulations and explore profitability.


Transportation & Mobility Suppliers must manage multi-OEM priorities, fulfill regional requirements and deliver competitive innovation while ensuring profitability. To be successful, they must carefully allocate production resources to avoid bottlenecks, ensure they meet OEM just-in-time / just-in-sequence delivery dates, and provide high-quality products with detailed traceability data available in case of issues. All of this requires powerful, integrated planning and execution capabilities. DELMIA delivers these capabilities and real-time visibility over all critical data—from inventory to manufacturing and operations—to achieve well-synchronized and cost-efficient production.


DELMIA helps network managers and railway infrastructure contractors operate at their best. You can maximize capacity and make intelligent, financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance, and growth across all time horizons—from years ahead to the day of operations. Take control of your network and infrastructure management contracting to ensure more sustainable, safe and convenient rail connections.

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Almost everything that has enabled modern society to evolve and prosper depends on mobility. The early innovators empowered the world with a previously unforeseen freedom of movement. But today's automotive and mobility industries are facing a massive revolution. Explore how today's OEMs and new innovators alike are entirely redefining the future of mobility with industry-leading 3DEXPERIENCE solutions.

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