Display Digital Instructions Directly in the Work Environment

DELMIA Augmented Experience for Quality Inspection guides the operator through the inspection process with digital instructions contextualized in the work environment allowing the identification, qualification, and reporting of non-conformities efficiently. Using augmented reality significantly improves the accuracy and speed of quality control and inspection processes. Because technicians can access real-time information, they make fewer mistakes, make more informed decisions, and quickly resolve problems.

Whether manual or automated, factory quality control procedures require the highest reliability and accuracy. The current inspection and quality control methods in manufacturing production or maintenance are long, tedious, and lack traceability. As a result, they can generate risks of errors and additional costs when non-conformities are not detected or identified too late in the inspection process. 

DELMIA Augmented Experience revolutionizes these processes with faster and more reliable inspection and control operations assisted by augmented reality. By amplifying the quality process, users can reduce the risk of errors in defect location or interpretation by up to 90% and cut inspection time by up to 40%.

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Reliability. Therefore the ability to accurately identifying non-conformances at each stage of the manufacturing process is critical to ensure meeting quality standards and that defective products are not delivered to end customers. With DELMIA Augmented Experience for Quality Inspection, checkpoints and acceptance criteria are displayed on a screen or directly on the equipment to guide the operator and quickly identify non-conformities, and an inspection report is automatically generated. As a result, it decreases inspection and reporting times, it reduces scrapped parts and late rework costs, and improves operations traceability.  

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