DELMIA Apriso MPI Lite

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Real-Time Manufacturing Process Intelligence

DELMIA Apriso MPI Lite is a packaged reporting analytics solution designed specifically for the needs of plant management, to maintain efficient, competitive plant operations and identify areas for continuous process improvement. MPI Lite has the same core features and capabilities as DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI), including Machine, Production, Time & Labor, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, and Warehouse. Additionally, business users can quickly perform analysis to address issue resolution or continuous improvement at the plant level.

Immediate Impact with Ability to Grow

DELMIA Apriso MPI Lite is an out-of-the-box solution that is priced affordably, allowing any plant to achieve sophisticated analytics and reporting previously only available as an enterprise solution. MPI Lite is ideal for proof-of-concept and early-stage deployments, requiring no costly infrastructure or integration. Deployment is fast and easy, and users will be quickly productive as they work with the product’s intuitive graphical interface to increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce plant-wide manufacturing cost. Importantly, it’s also more than a plant solution—when your enterprise is ready, you can easily add more plants or upgrade to the full Enterprise MPI solution.

MPI Lite key benefits:

  • Establishes near real-time visibility
  • Proves value with low investment
  • Accelerates issue resolution