Boost Value Through Inventory Management

Go Beyond a Single Plant to Achieve Inventory Optimization Across Your Global Product Supply Network

In the quest for manufacturing excellence, inventory management plays a critical role. Manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce inventory, improve material flow, and enable efficiencies through material synchronization and Just-in-Time or Just-in-Sequence processes. In addition, companies need tight management and traceability of inventory in order to control and improve quality. 

To achieve these goals, companies are thinking beyond the warehouse or a single plant, and adopting an enterprise approach to inventory control.

DELMIA Delivers Real-world Success in Inventory Control

DELMIA’s Inventory Management is a comprehensive approach to inventory control that is producing significant value in enterprises around the world. Our customers are able to reduce their inventories without detriment to expediting costs, or their order fill rates. One Medical Device customer reduced inventories 25-35% across 16 plants. A Consumer Goods manufacturer slashed Work-in-Process inventory by 50% and reduced cycle time by 50% as well. Using DELMIA’s solutions to improve inventory control, manufacturers are able to reduce inventory costs anywhere from $200K to as much as $10M per plant.

DELMIA’s Inventory Management is based on DELMIA Apriso Warehouse and goes beyond the four walls of the warehouse to integrate inventory operations with all related manufacturing operations. This is the key to inventory control--making the warehouse part of the seamless flow of materials and production processes across the enterprise using all available data, including the IoT. This ‘big picture' view enables a tight coordination of operations to reduce the amount of inventory and Work in Process (WIP) in every plant, improve cycle time, increase productivity, improve inventory accuracy, reduce errors, simplify reporting, and provide full control over internal processes, inventory positions and movements. What’s more, Inventory Management can support your Lean manufacturing initiatives by extending these programs into the warehouse.



DELMIA takes your inventory control to new levels by:

  • Empowering manufacturers with visibility over, control into, and synchronization of material across all operations
  • Increasing inventory accuracy while reducing inventory buffers, without impacting customer satisfaction
  • Delivering the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Making more informed decisions for capacity management and production balancing
  • Supporting a wide variety of inventory management and replenishment models including Kanban, Just-In-Time manufacturing and Just-In-Sequence to support advanced Pull-based material flow
  • Improving Lean operations by leveraging the IoT real-time inventory data
  • Implementing directed and automated communication of inventory requirements and replenishment signals to warehousing and suppliers based on actual production consumption 
  • Tracking materials all the way from suppliers to receiving the components through production, including third party manufacturers, and shipping of finished goods
  • Maintaining full genealogy and traceability of materials, processes, employees, equipment and storage locations
  • Supporting technologies in the IoT to capture inventory data anywhere in the extended enterprise
  • Supporting multiple inventory processes such as cross docking, consignment inventory or vendor managed inventory, and postponement strategies