Beyond Traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Build Value Across All Manufacturing Processes on a Global Scale with Enterprise Manufacturing Execution Systems

Now more than ever, manufacturing excellence depends on streamlining operations on the plant floor and throughout the product supply network. However, traditional factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions focus mainly on the plant floor, with minimal integration beyond the four walls or across business functions.

DELMIA Enterprise MES goes far beyond traditional factory MES operations to include all related operations and information sources, and leverages the IoT (Internet of Things) for a truly global solution. The software enables manufacturers to take control of their operations everywhere in the enterprise to coordinate and synchronize people, processes, equipment, tooling and materials on a global scale. With our Enterprise MES solutions, you can see and manage across the various processes of manufacturing to synchronize material flows all the way through the product supply network. This extended view of MES technology is what the industry calls Manufacturing Operations Management, or MOM.

By digitizing the entire manufacturing process—from design to build to support— and leveraging the IoT, our comprehensive MOM solutions enable manufacturers to control and synchronize their operations as a global, best-in-class enterprise. Across industries and around the world, manufacturers are discovering the value of DELMIA’s Enterprise MES solutions.

Transform Operations for Continuous Value Improvement

Today, manufacturers are using DELMIA Enterprise MES, or MOM, to transform their operations by automating, executing and managing the performance of business processes across the value chain. With DELMIA MES technology, you can achieve end-to-end integration of supply chain operations, full product traceability, real-time production management, and globally standardized manufacturing processes. Thanks to a single view of manufacturing processes and a single version of the truth, DELMIA solutions enable enterprises to elevate their operational excellence, creating more value not only for themselves but for their customers.



DELMIA redefines factory MES by taking MES technology beyond the four walls to create an adaptive Manufacturing Operations Management solution for:

  • Improving operational excellence by integrating all data sources, including the IoT, for greater visibility and insight
  • Enabling manufacturing transformation by integrating design, production, distribution, people and processes
  • Leveraging the IoT to access data from machines and processes throughout product lifecycles
  • Achieving a "single version of the truth" that enables a synchronized and coordinated flow of information for tighter control over disparate operational processes in plants
  • Enabling optimized, paperless manufacturing that electronically delivers work instructions, error proofing, and cross-functional coordination throughout the extended production process
  • Managing the complete business process lifecycle for consistent deployment of global processes and best practices
  • Empowering manufacturers to reduce waste, inventory, and cycle times while improving efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Providing the right information to the right people at the right time to make better decisions about every aspect of manufacturing, including advanced planning, production capacity analysis, inventory turns and standard lead times
  • Providing a true foundation for enterprise quality, continuous improvement and compliance
  • Driving efficiency by pulling data from the IoT sensors to trigger real-time execution decisions
  • Extending Lean and Six Sigma initiatives beyond functional teams and creating long-term improvement sustainability