DELMIA enables manufacturers to create digital models that virtually simulate products, processes, and factory operations.

DELMIA Additive Manufacturing drives manufacturing innovation and efficiency with tools to support planning, simulating, and programming additive manufacturing processes. The DELMIA Additive Manufacturing solution supports both powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition additive processes. These solutions enable manufacturers to virtually experience, validate, and optimize their additive manufacturing projects, from the nesting of parts, to engineering the process, to the validation of the process using physics based simulation.

  • Material Deposition Machine Programmer
  • Powder Bed Machine Programmer
  • Powder Bed Machine Specialist

DELMIA Ergonomics allows users to assess equipment design with intent to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort, while helping to ensure compliance and verifying assembly across multiple platforms.  Using lifelike manikins, ergonomics specialists are empowered to evaluate ergonomics and human factors at all levels of virtual design, manufacturing, and maintainability.  Ergonomics specialists help to harness collective intelligence from product development stakeholders to verify and evaluate how a worker interacts with workplace design and products. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, ergonomics specialists are delivered a groundbreaking user experience in ergonomics.

  •     Ergonomist
  •     Ergonomics Specialist
  •     Work Safety Engineer



DELMIA 3DLean puts Lean principles into action to address operational waste, variability and efficiency by engaging the next generation workforce regardless of where or how they work. Leveraging a modern interactive environment accessible to everyone on the cloud, DELMIA 3DLean empowers teams to find new ways to innovate by bringing people together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and problem solving. Via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this widget based app enables teams to understand the art of the possible and plan for improvement.

  • Lean Team Member
  • Lean Team Player

DELMIA Fabrication helps NC programmers to plan, detail, simulate and optimize their machining activities. Through tight integration of machine simulation with toolpath definition, NC programmers can identify and solve problems at earlier stages of the NC programming level.  They can save time and optimize processes by linking engineering and manufacturing knowledge in the context of the machine simulation to increase machining quality and performance, reduce scrap and rework and shorten the full manufacturing process. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, NC programmers are delivered a groundbreaking user experience in machining.

  • Cutting Tool Technologist
  • Fabrication Riveting System Programmer for Aerospace
  • NC Machine Simulation Engineer
  • NC Mill-Turn Machine Programmer
  • NC Milling Machine Programmer
  • NC Mold & Die Programmer
  • NC Prismatic & Mill-Turn Machine Programmer
  • NC Prismatic Machine Programmer
  • NC Prismatic Programmer
  • NC Shop Floor Programmer



DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations solutions transform global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is accomplished through digital continuity, a shared digital landscape connecting all stakeholders to improve visibility into, control over and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale. Helping manufacturers to transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence.

  • 3DExperience Apriso
  • Work Plan Viewer



DELMIA Process Engineering helps create and optimize build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems. Manufacturing Engineers and Project Managers can accelerate new product and variant introduction planning, reduce product and resource physical prototypes with 4D simulation, and maximize space and resource utilization to increase factory performance and safety. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a groundbreaking user experience in Process Planning is delivered. Process Planning helps users to simulate, validate and effectively plan essential manufacturing capabilities for all industries and resources.

  • Assembly Simulation Engineer
  • Assembly Simulation Expert
  • Assembly Structure Preparer for Marine
  • Fastener Process Engineer
  • Fluidic Systems Work Preparer for Marine
  • Manufactured Items Engineer
  • Manufactured Part Process Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer for Marine
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufactured Items Engineer
  • Manufacturing Reviewer
  • Process Engineer for Marine
  • Process Engineer for Plant Construction
  • Process Engineer
  • Process Simulation Reviewer
  • Product and Packaging Manufacturing Engineer
  • Service Process Engineer
  • Structure Work Preparer for Marine
  • Time Study Expert
  • Work Instructions Author

DELMIA Robotics enables robot programmers to simulate and validate robot tasks.  Programmers are able to perform reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the shop floor. Robot programmers can also create, simulate and validate robots in the context of all manufacturing environments. Robotics will enable workcells to be planned with accuracy to design and optimize with greater efficiency. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, robot programmers are delivered a groundbreaking user experience in robotics.

  • Assembly Riveting System Programmer for Aerospace
  • Assembly Robot Programmer
  • Body-in-White Robot Programmer
  • Body-in-White Robotics Engineer
  • Fabrication Robot Programmer
  • Fabrication Robot Workcell Programmer for Industrial Equipment
  • Robotic Workcell Simulation Engineer
  • Surface Robot Programmer

DELMIA Virtual Factory provides solutions for the creation and simulation of a 3D virtual twin of your factory. 3D layout models of the machines, workcells, lines and plants can be created from scratch using standard library components, from a 2D drawing, or from a point cloud generated from scanning your actual facility. These models can be used to perform factory flow simulation analyses in order to optimize material flows and improve productivity. The same model can be used to visualize and check the mechanical behavior of machines and tools on the line in order to verify the manufacturability of new products or the performance of layout changes. You can even connect your workcells to a PLC and perform a “virtual commissioning” of your workcell or line.

  • Equipment & Layout Engineer
  • Factory Simulation Engineer
  • Machine & Tooling Designer
  • Plant Layout Designer