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DELMIA Process Engineering enables users to fully define and manage process plans, manufacturing materials, and resources in a single location. For the process engineers responsible for designing, implementing, controlling, and optimizing industrial processes and machinery in manufacturing, DELMIA helps connect it all together. With so many moving parts and unplanned events on the shop floor daily, precise planning can be challenging, and mistakes can drive up costs. Now users can plan and validate every aspect—from the entire plant layout to workflows to production schedules and design specifications—in a virtual environment before deploying physical resources.   

With our 3D modeling and simulation capabilities, DELMIA Process Engineering ensures engineers can apply their product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, and materials knowledge in their methodologically structured digital plans. Users can also test and optimize manufacturing methods and equipment virtually. They can identify any process risks earlier, create a safer environment for workers and obtain an accurate forecast of the investment costs and production space needed. 

Experience the power of DELMIA process engineering and unlock the potential of your manufacturing operations. Join industry leaders who are embracing the future of manufacturing and redefining what's possible. Let DELMIA be your partner in transforming your manufacturing processes into a world-class operation. Get started with the software today and embark on a journey towards manufacturing excellence.

DELMIA Process Engineering software products are packaged as Roles to get you up to speed faster and work more efficiently with all needed applications available at your fingertips. Select a package that corresponds to your role in an organization.

Our digital transformation ambition is to be paperless and to gain data continuity from development to manufacturing and vehicles’ end of life.

Patrick Brionne portrait
Patrick Brionne
Group Industrial Strategy and Manufacturing Engineering Director, Faurecia

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