Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, Quintiq helps global businesses model, simulate and optimize their business operations for end-to-end supply chain excellence

Quintiq provides companies with tools to model, simulate and optimize their business operations from end to end. Its solutions are used to plan and schedule complex production supply chains, optimize intricate logistics operations, and plan and schedule large, geographically diverse workforces.

Key capabilities include data analytics, forecasting, what-if scenario planning, collaborative decision-making, disruption handling and production scheduling. Underlying each capability is Quintiq’s optimization technology which has broken over 100 optimization world records and remains to this day, unmatched in the market for its speed and power.

Quintiq has a proven track record in helping organizations meet their business goals in operational efficiency, resource utilization, delivery performance, customer service levels, employee satisfaction levels, cost reduction and inventory management – in the long term and on the day of operations.

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