DELMIA Quintiq simplifies inventory planning while accounting for complexities such as supply chain segmentation, seasonality, multiple stocking locations and ever-expanding range of products with shorter lifecycles. The solution integrates data from across the organization for true supply chain visibility. Optimization and decision support at every planning level enables you to make decisions with confidence, whether it is determining stock strategy or responding to events in real time. This means optimal inventory levels, profits, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key features and benefits include:

Real-time Visibility

View inventory data in real time. Receive immediate alerts when inventory levels are threatened so you can take the necessary countermeasures.

Minimal Excess and Obsolete Stock

Avoid investment in inventory that has to be scrapped or sold off at greatly reduced prices.

Financial Modeling

Model the trade-off between inventory investment and customer service levels. Incorporate supply costs (e.g. transportation) and model the impact of different stocking strategies.

Intuitive User Interface

Access and understand the information you need in any given situation with KPI-driven dashboards and user-friendly interfaces.

Management of Uncertainty


Calculate accurate safety stock levels based on demand uncertainty and supply variability.