DELMIA Apriso Dispatching Board

Adjust Production Schedules

Quickly Adjust Production Schedules

DELMIA Apriso Dispatching Board brings operations management to a new level. It provides plant, managers, supervisors and planners real-time visualization of your production schedule. By monitoring manufacturing activity, work order progress and resource utilization, manufacturers can make quicker decisions about unplanned events and changes in production schedules. More than a monitoring tool, the Dispatching Board lets you make adjustments in real-time, using drag and drop controls to instantly adjust schedules and redirect activities.

React to Unplanned Events

Manufacturing and maintenance activities are displayed based on work orders, resources and percentage of usage, and activities are highlighted based on status such as "completed" or "overdue" to aid decision-making and improve operational agility. DELMIA Apriso Dispatching Board allows you to make rapid schedule adjustments that are delivered automatically to all relevant stations on the plant floor. The result: real-time operations management to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Dispatching Board key benefits:

  • Easily adjusts processes to customer needs
  • Minimizes impact of unplanned events
  • Gains real-time visibility into plant operations