Optimize CNC Machine Processes with 3D Simulation

Keeping CNC machines running on the shop floor is crucial, as idle machines mean wasted productivity and a loss in business opportunities. However, new products and engineering changes can cause delays while computer programmers work to ready the machines. DELMIA Fabrication helps manufacturers reduce this delay and significantly improve programmer and CNC machine productivity by accelerating launches and changes, optimizing resources, and improving quality from stock to finished parts. DELMIA is a cutting-edge machining software solution that empowers manufacturers to unleash the full potential of their CNC machines. It provides a single integrated CAM & CAD software environment to facilitate the programming, simulation, and optimization of machining processes, from design to tool path. The 3D modeling & simulations provide users with a view of the entire machining process which goes beyond your typical CAM software and includes tool assembly, additive manufacturing, design, milling machining, the CNC machine, and the controller.

As an integrated platform, no time is wasted on file transfers as all simulations share the same data. CNC machine programmers can perform instant updates and simulate their impact on machining processes. Ensure fewer mistakes and false starts by validating processes, designs, resources, and output before production begins. DELMIA Fabrication enables users to optimize manufacturing processes, minimize shop floor delays and reduce cost in the long-term. Our CAM software supports a wide range of machining operations, from milling and turning to multi-axis machining, allowing you to tackle any project with confidence. Users can simulate the real behavior of complex machining tools through 3D modeling, and quickly generate G-code on CNC machines while seeing the impact of changes with advanced simulation. Promote ease of use by implementing a standardized user interface for programming machines of all types, making it easier to incorporate new tools and simplifying deployment. This leads to a reduction of lead-time from design to production and programming hours by up to 80% for modified versions of existing parts and products. Most importantly, lay the foundation for continuous improvement by capturing and reusing best practices through templates, tool setups, designs and resource utilization. This results in validated, shop-proven programming that is easily recycled to save days to weeks of work.

With our comprehensive suite of tools, encompassing CAD, CAM software and G-code generation, DELMIA offers a complete solution for all your machining needs. G-code is the programming language used to control CNC machines, and our software automatically generates the precise G-code instructions required for each machining operation. This eliminates the need for manual programming, reducing errors and ensuring consistent and accurate results. Our CAM software optimizes the G-code to achieve maximum efficiency and supports a wide range of machine types, making it compatible with your existing CNC machines. Experience the power of advanced technology combined with ease of use and unlock new possibilities in precision manufacturing.

Designed to make programming, simulating, and optimizing CNC machines a breeze, DELMIA Machining provides a complete, integrated 3D modeling & simulation of the entire machining process, from tool assembly to tool path. As a result, instantly update computer programs, quickly see the impact of changes, and optimize machining processes for maximum efficiency and quality. Our CAM software takes center stage in automating the programming of CNC machines. By reducing machining time, improving quality and efficiency, and minimizing time to market, this versatile suite can help companies achieve significant cost savings and revenue growth. Integrated with our CAM software, our CAD solution ensures a seamless workflow from design to machining.

Key Benefits

  • Bring virtual workshops with cutting tools, CNC machines, designs and accessories to the desk of computer programmers
  • Machine simulation available in all programming roles
  • Best in class CAM software and high-quality toolpath: Adaptive Concentric Milling for High-Speed Milling and hard material machining
  • Support Turning, Milling, Mill-Turn, WireEDM, Laser, and Waterjet cutting machines
  • Automation and Knowledge: store machining know-how from the experts

One of the key advantages of our machining software is its ease of use. Designing intricate parts and components is made effortless with our CAD software. DELMIA Additive Manufacturing automates and optimizes production processes for your manufacturing business. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can quickly generate accurate and detailed designs that meet your exact specifications. Create complex models and prototypes quickly and accurately, helping you bring your ideas to life faster. More than just a CAD software, DELMIA equips you with the necessary programming to suit your specific needs, whether it be powder bed, Directed Energy Deposition (DED), or Material Extrusion. With the growing presence of 3D printing technologies, you can be confident that DELMIA CAD software has everything you need to succeed.

Key Benefits

  • A completely integrated CAD & CAM software allowing to switch quickly from Design to Manufacturing to Simulation. No need to re-define information in case of a design change
  • Everything is done on exact geometry. No more errors or deviations due to tessellated files
  • All the know-how can be stored via rules on Virtual Machines. Easy to share and control internally or with suppliers
  • Printing parameters are saved with the parts. Ensure certifications, repeatability and availability during its whole Lifecycle to open the door to mass production and cost reduction

DELMIA Fabrication CAD & CAM software products are packaged as Roles to get you up to speed faster and work more efficiently with all needed applications available at your fingertips. Select a package that corresponds to your role in an organization.

Our customers come to us with major challenges relating to machine processing, time constraints and increasingly stringent specifications.

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FAQ about CNC Machine

Machining software, also known as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, is a type of computer software used in the field of manufacturing and machining. It is designed to facilitate the programming and control of computer numerical control (CNC) machines, which are automated machines that use pre-programmed instructions to execute precise machining operations.

The main software components used in CNC machining are CAD software, CAM software, controller software and post-processing software.

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