Rail Planning

Decision Support for Mission-Critical Rail Operations

Rail Planning

DELMIA Quintiq Rail Planning software supports you in the critical decisions that need to be made every day – whether you’re in charge of rail freight operations, passenger rail services or rail infrastructure management. Big or small, every decision represents an opportunity to boost efficiency, cut cost, and improve service levels. Be supported in maximizing the potential gain of even the most complex planning decisions.

Key features and benefits include:

Disruption Management

Respond to unplanned events (e.g. infrastructure failures, rolling stock breakdown, accidents) in real time to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Scenario Planning

Evaluate various scenarios to pick the best course of action and make flexible long-term plans.

Maintenance Optimization

Optimize maintenance schedule to minimize the disruptions on your timetable. Secure the desired results at the lowest costs, taking into account all possible constraints.

KPI Analysis

Monitor and align plans with your business KPIs.

Make the most out of what the performance indicators are showing.