To keep up with the increasing pace and complexity of the business world, supply chain planning and optimization solutions must be on the cutting-edge of innovation. DELMIA Quintiq 6.0, the latest major upgrade of our supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software, gives you the optimization power you need to stay ahead of the competition.

The core of DELMIA Quintiq has always been its world record-breaking optimization engine. It’s the engine that drives every implementation, running in the background to ensure that customers can build the best plans for their unique business challenges — and build them fast. Enhanced from the ground up in collaboration with some of the world’s largest (and now most efficient) companies, DELMIA Quintiq 6.0 will help you build better and smarter plans, from any machine.

Improved Agility

The rate and volume of changes that typically happen over the course of a planning period results in massive amounts of data that need to be processed to form actionable plans. The more data you have, the heavier the strain on your processing power – so why limit it to a single machine?

In DELMIA Quintiq 6.0, computing power is distributed across multiple machines. Accumulated data is divided into smaller datasets and assigned to different machines for quick bursts of optimization. They are then reincorporated into a master dataset, where overall improvements are applied.

This continuous, iterative process enables the optimizer to solve even the most complex challenges more accurately in a fraction of the time it would take on a single machine.

Faster Upgrades

No two businesses are ever the same. That’s why DELMIA Quintiq takes your unique goals, rules and constraints into account when we implement the solution for you. But there’s a downside to this 100%-fit configuration — it can be a challenge to deploy improvements and new product features into each customer’s version of the software.  

DELMIA Quintiq 6.0 solves this challenge with library upgradability. With this feature, unique customer-based configurations treated as extensions to a standard product library. Improvements and new product features — when they become available — are added into the product library, leaving the extensions untouched. This gives you shorter project timeframes, fewer man-days required of DELMIA Quintiq specialists, and a hassle-free guarantee of always having the best and latest that DELMIA Quintiq has to offer.

Power on Demand

While increased optimization power is crucial for large and complex planning challenges, it may not be required for less demanding ones. Instead of deploying a full stack of machines for each and every process, DELMIA Quintiq 6.0 allows customers to opt for optimization-as-a-service.

This provides you with the power you need, when you need it — without having to host machines at your own premises, invest in hardware or maintain specialist staff.

Intelligent Optimization

The algorithms within the DELMIA Quintiq solution have parameters that must be tuned just right before each optimization process begins. They must also be continuously adjusted as the process runs. In previous versions, this was done by algorithm experts to ensure that the optimizer’s high performance is maintained and that plans are accurate at all times — no matter how many changes and disruptions occur.  

In DELMIA Quintiq 6.0, the algorithm parameters self-tune automatically and continuously without the need for algorithm experts. The optimizer analyzes historic data and adjusts itself while searching, tuning its parameters based on the search results. This unique feature is the key to DELMIA Quintiq’s ability to continue breaking world records and realizing significant gains for customers.