Optimized Planning for Efficient, Profitable Retail

With the rise of e-commerce resulting in ever-shortening product lifecycles and challenges in the omnichannel space, retailers are pressured to catch up to rapidly increasing customer demand for product choice and availability. At the same time, major transformations in the value chain are being triggered by the growing sustainability mandate, which is enforcing stricter rules around emissions. While these demands inevitably lead to increasing supply chain complexity, many retailers are still not technologically equipped to manage this, relying on spreadsheets and disconnected systems instead for their planning needs.

The more complex your supply chain, the more critical optimization becomes—particularly in industries like retail where profit margins are thin. Implementing optimization technology and KPI-based planning will help alleviate the complexity in your supply chain, allowing you to better manage resources and constraints to improve delivery accuracy, save on logistics-related costs and meet business goals. DELMIA provides fully integrated end-to-end supply chain planning and a perfect fit for your organization’s unique requirements.

Key features and benefits include:

Improved Customer Service

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with superior product availability, great customer service online and offline, and improved first-time delivery rates.

Efficient Supply Chain

Optimize logistics operations from supplier to end consumer. Integrate logistics and warehouse operations to fully support cross-docking, multi-temperature trailer requirements as well as dock and lane planning ― all in one system.

Full Integration

Solve your unique planning challenges with a single planning solution that fully integrates with your existing systems.

Workforce Planning

Fulfill medium- and long-term workforce demands with greater efficiency. Create optimal workforce schedules that consider all business rules, resource characteristics and constraints.

Disruption Handling

Receive real-time disruption alerts on the day of operations as well as suggestions on how to resolve them quickly to minimize impact.


A flexible software solution that grows along with the needs of your business as well as the broader retail industry.