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Industry Leading Experience from Concept to Consumer

In today’s competitive Home & Lifestyle industry, consumers have nearly limitless choices. In order to break through the clutter and deliver a great brand experience, Home & Lifestyle companies need to rethink their current operations and make smarter changes.

It is more crucial than ever to put the consumer at the center of the business as we drive forward in the new economy. This will rely on companies’ ability to simplify consumer decision-making and excite them with innovative products and experiences. In addition, further satisfying modern customers requires companies to accelerate customization and manufacturing as well as optimize delivery to ensure the right product at the right time and place.

Creating a consumer-centric innovation process and sustainable business growth means driving digital transformation. Companies need a business platform that provides end-to-end continuity—from product ideation to manufacturing and logistics—and helps accelerate the delivery of more sustainable and personalized products, while enabling opportunities for cost savings and the improvement of customer service and efficiency.

DELMIA solutions for Home & Lifestyle enable companies to digitally transform their operations to achieve peak operational performance and agility. DELMIA helps retailers and manufacturers solve the challenges of ever-increasing SKUs, evolving consumer demands, rapidly changing product designs and shortening New Product Introduction (NPI) lead times. In addition, they will be able to address concerns around traceability, quality and lowering product costs, while ensuring products are delivered on time and in the most optimal way.

DELMIA solutions are able to support companies’ unique production processes—from design to engineering to manufacturing execution and the broader supply chain. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our solutions enable end-to-end engineering, manufacturing and supply chain optimization for operational excellence. Large brand manufacturers and packaging suppliers will benefit from the ability to manage complexity, resulting in more efficient manufacturing and delivery of products globally.

Home & Lifestyle companies will be able to deliver sustainable benefits leveraging our solutions, including:

  • Reduced inventory and waste by 13%
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Increased productivity by 23%
  • Reduced time-to-volume for NPI
  • Reduced lead time by 50%
  • 99% reliable delivery dates

Armed with DELMIA’s Home & Lifestyle solutions, you can continuously improve your manufacturing and operations processes, accelerate development times and scale up faster with consumer-centric ideas that will win in the marketplace.

Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Collaboration Across Teams

For companies producing Home & Lifestyle products, efficient teamwork in the factory, warehouse and across departments is essential for supplying tomorrow's market demands. DELMIA 3DLean  facilitates effective collaboration, empowering your teams to find new ways to innovate by bringing them together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and collaboration. This customizable and interactive tool enables your teams to capture, monitor and track operational meetings and problem solving, in addition to providing the ability to aggregate relevant andkey information from different areas of operations. 

Industrial Engineering and Virtual Twin Experience

As a Home & Lifestyle manufacturer, the path to transforming your supply chain planning relies on a fully capable virtual twin that covers the entire product development process, from conceptualization to distribution. Leveraging DELMIA’s digital manufacturing solutions, products and processes can be fully simulated, modified and optimized on an accurate digital representation across design, manufacturing, production execution and the supply chain. It enables you to evaluate and optimize the manufacturing of new products and processes to ensure new product introductions are delivered timely, efficiently and effectively. Through the Dassault Systèmes Virtual Twin Experience, manufacturers can leverage the power of digital transformation for sustainable innovation, performance and optimization of their operations. 

Planning & Optimization

Maximize your full value chain’s potential with DELMIA Planning and Optimization. Our solutions enable you to optimize planning at operational, tactical and strategic levels, providing fully integrated end-to-end visibility and the ability to simulate different planning scenarios while monitoring their impact on relevant KPIs. More importantly, our planning solutions offer a wide degree of configurability, allowing you to integrate all rules and constraints relevant to your operations. You can propagate changes across the value chain and view their effects in real time. Equip planners and schedulers with a multi-user, web-based environment that integrates all input sources in a single source of truth. Quickly generate optimal plans driven by world record-breaking optimization technology. Measure current and future event progress and results according to individual KPIs with predictive analytics and prescriptive decision support.

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Workforce Planning

Real-time visibility across all operations is of the essence for planners in the Home & Lifestyle industry, helping them to quickly spot problems and automatically re-assign employees where there is shortage or extra help is needed. DELMIA’s Workforce Planning solution addresses this by providing the visibility your planners need. With it, planners can automatically assess the demand, then plan and schedule shifts. Specific tasks can be assigned to each shift, along with accurate predictions of the time required per task. The solution then matches them with the right employees based on skills, experience, contractual agreements and personal preferences. Planners can generate optimal schedules that maximize productivity while taking into account upcoming holidays, important events and disruptions.

Manufacturing & Operations

DELMIA’s global manufacturing solutions provide global manufacturing operations with an out-of-the-box, modular-based solution for production, maintenance, line supply and warehouse management.  Global standardization of manufacturing best practices is easily actualized through a global COE and standard business process management. Consumer product manufacturers will be able to gain control over manufacturing operations, synchronize workflows across operations and enhance visibility into plants and suppliers to improve performance and agility.

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Industry Solutions for Retail Logistics

Retail Logistics Planning

Delivery accuracy and the ability to cut logistics-related costs are critical in retail and can mean the difference between a profitable, sustainable business and making losses. DELMIA‘s solution for optimized retail logistics is tailored to address the needs of the retail market and takes into account industry-specific logistics rules. With it, your planners will be able to formulate more efficient, effective and sustainable plans and find alternative solutions when disruptions hit. The solution enables you to build the agility you need to increase on-time delivery performance, reduce mileage by 10-15% and reduce transport-related costs by 5-10%, while keeping service at a maximum. 

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Evolving consumer buying habits and increasingly connected online and brick and mortar-based commerce creates complexity in a distributor’s logistics operations that requires them to adapt their supply chain accordingly. With effective management of their inbound and outbound activities they can provide better customer service while reducing their distribution costs. Distributors address their inbound and outbound activities to satisfy store delivery commitments with confidence.

Last Mile Delivery

As consumers want more choice and control, brand manufacturers and retailers are racing for a winning last mile delivery strategy. The more complex your supply chain, the more critical optimization becomes—particularly in industries like retail where profit margins are thin. Implementing optimization technology and KPI-based planning will help manage the complexity in your supply chain, allowing you to better manage resources and constraints to improve delivery accuracy, save on logistics-related costs and meet your business goals. DELMIA provides fully integrated end-to-end supply chain planning aligned with your organization’s unique requirements.