DELMIA Quintiq Supply Planning integrates and connects demand and supply chain planning to close the gap between what should be produced and what can be produced. Planners from both sides can work together to create and compare demand and supply scenarios. They can make key decisions collaboratively, whether to hire more people, create more shifts, add promotional activities or explore additional supply sources. The solution also lets you take it one step further – to move from capacity to capability by seamlessly integrating your supply plan with your operational plan.

Key features and benefits include:


Improve sourcing, distribution, production and inventory on a local level. Apply it on a global level to optimize your supply chain, mitigate risk and create contingency plans.

Faster, Higher-quality Scenarios

Explore scenarios with speed and flexibility. Create an accurate base plan, test it against any number of scenarios and evaluate each outcome to decide on the best course of action to meet business KPIs.

Flexible Configuration

Account for all rules, constraints and KPIs to create the most accurate model of your supply chain. Optimize supply plans with just a few clicks.

Support for all S&OP Maturity Levels

Benefit from DELMIA Quintiq’s best practice models for all S&OP activities, irrespective of your company’s level of maturity.