DELMIA Quintiq Demand Planning analyzes historical demand and market intelligence to help you accurately predict demand and determine how to profit from it. Anticipate demand through improved statistical forecasting, collaborate more effectively with internal sales teams and external customers, and explore demand scenarios to increase sales. Revise forecasts immediately whenever market conditions change or new intelligence becomes available.

Key features and benefits include:

Statistical Forecasting

Segment demand and automatically calculate the optimal statistical forecast by analyzing events, trends and seasonal changes.

Effective Collaboration

Create a demand plan that includes input from sales, finance, marketing and other key sources – and give users simultaneous access to the most up-to-date version.

Demand Analytics

Use real-time analytics to understand where forecasting challenges lie, track how forecasts change over time and how demand planning can benefit your business.

Exception Management

Receive real-time notifications of forecasts that need immediate attention, helping you manage your time effectively as a demand planner.

Consensus Forecasting

Configure demand plans to incorporate inputs such as customer orders and management overrides. Review options to automatically or manually reach a consensus.

Demand Scenarios for S&OP

Create multiple demand scenarios for S&OP to manage opportunities and risks. Carry out range-based forecasting and demand shaping.