Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Manage supply chain complexity for integrated and resilient operations

Powering Reality-based Operations from Planning and Scheduling to Optimization

Effective supply chains are essential to create, manufacture and deliver on time, on budget and to customer expectations.  With an integrated ecosystem where all key external stakeholders can collaborate easily, advanced technology infuses agility and resiliency into supply chain optimization to minimize the negative impact of disruption and maintain fluid operations. Manufacturers can then ensure continuity throughout their supply chains.

By adjusting and optimizing plans to maintain agility, resiliency and continuity throughout the supply chain, the result is feasible plans optimized and in sync with the supply chain.

Plan, Execute, and Maintain Efficient Supply-Chains

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables manufacturers to create digital models that virtually simulate products, processes, and factory operations. It is the connection between virtual and real worlds that enables operational excellence in supply chain and operations, benefitting from a 3D collaborative innovation experience. 


An end-to-end supply chain visibility and world-class optimization capabilities for continuous improvement helps companies establish sustainable value networks optimized to meet company goals and create a competitive advantage while minimizing risks and the impact of disruptions.

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Supply Chain Planning and Optimization solutions on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform drives continuous innovation

Virtual Twin Experience

Optimizing operations, managing costs and developing deeper customer relationships is high on every organizations agenda. Virtual twin experiences enable manufacturers to visualize the perfect plans for new products, facilities, and production processes in order to run efficiently throughout the supply chain. With this capability, manufacturers can achieve agility, rapid innovation, accuracy and deliver better experiences for their customers.

Build Agility & Resilience

Increased business expectations, due to risk uncertainty and disparate processes, for fluidity in supply chains has increased in order to meet market demand. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables companies to design, produce, deliver and support more complex products at a larger scale than ever before. To ensure business agility, the platform connects global and local supply-chains to an integrated ecosystem where all key external stakeholders can collaborate easily.

Integrated Business Planning

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows organizations to take data from supply chain projections, financial reports, and strategic plans and incorporate them into their business plan. The ability to gather data and connecting the planning functions of each department gives businesses more insight into how each part of the supply chain is working individually and as a whole. This makes it easier for companies to conduct a successful program to incorporate all of these additional stakeholder viewpoints and unique factors.

A game changer for business and innovation


All aspects of your business on a single platform for increased collaboration, best execution and accelerated innovation.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the Cloud

Harness the power of the cloud to bring your ideas to life. Break free from IT constraints and connect all aspects of your business on a single cloud-based platform. Innovation’s never been so easy.

Customer Stories

How Companies are Using our Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Solutions

Customer Story | Transportation & Mobility


Providing Simple, Personal, and Connected Travel

Swiss railway network operator SBB is Switzerland’s largest transport company, transporting over 1.32 million passengers a day. Its mission is to harness technology to become more efficient and punctual while staying ahead of the environmental curve. Scalable and adaptable DELMIA Planning & Optimization solutions was a natural choice.

Real-time planning requires a high performing, future-proof system like DELMIA.

SBB case study
René Moraske
Senior Project Manager, SBB

DELMIA | Make it Happen

Our brand, DELMIA, provides a complete solution for effective and efficient supply chains, essential for every industry to create, manufacture and deliver on time, on budget and to customer expectations.