Drives Growth for Small and Midsize Manufacturing Companies

A profitable and efficient enterprise depends on an ERP system that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. DELMIAWorks ERP is built on a real-time infrastructure that empowers small and midsize manufacturing companies with the data and intelligence necessary to respond and adapt quickly, efficiently, accurately, and profitably to customer, market, and industry demands.

To unlock operational efficiencies and drive growth in new ways, having visibility into every step in the process is critical to analyzing where you are and where you are going and determining the best path to take. DELMIAWorks’ end-to-end ERP solution provides the real-time visibility and collaboration tools you need to:

  • Improve production line, employee, and process efficiency
  • Accurately forecast your supply chain and costs
  • Track every step of the production process back to the balance sheet
  • Apply the right resources to the right jobs at the right time
  • Deliver quality products on time every time

DELMIAWorks ERP Solution Key Benefits

Operation Synchro

Synchronize information and workflows across the entire business

Disciplines Collaboration

Connect every facet of your business, from sales and accounting, to the shop floor and the warehouse

Data Leveraging

Leverage real-time data to fuel accurate strategic decision making 

Potential Margin

Unlock operational efficiencies and drive growth in new ways 

An ERP System that Improves Collaboration

When it comes to ERP solutions for manufacturing operations, not any ERP solution will do. DELMIAWorks ERP is purpose-built for manufacturing environments, connecting every facet of your business, from sales and marketing to production, billing, and accounting.

  • Sales and Distribution DELMIAWorks’s sales and distribution modules allow immediate response to customer inquiries, order status, history, and tracking. Requests, such as advanced shipping notices and multiple shipping destinations, are easily addressed. Part number cross-references, commissions, and commodities are readily obtainable, and information is always available.
  • Financial Management DELMIAWorks makes financial management easy and flexible by providing seamless access to sales, distribution, and manufacturing data. Intuitive drill-down capabilities allow quick and accurate data analysis. The comprehensive accounting and general office management system also conforms to all generally accepted accounting principles and supports multiple companies, profit centers, and currencies.
  • Inventory Management Inventory is one of the largest line items in cash flow management. DELMIAworks Inventory Management tools ensure the proper quantities of available inventory, increasing inventory turns, and eliminating over/under ordering and overproduction while minimizing costs.
  • Quality Management DELMIAWorks quality management tools ensure success in every aspect of product quality and compliance. From enabling Quality Audits to streamlining Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and scaling Correct Action Requests (CAR), DELMIAWorks provides an extensive suite of quality management tools to help troubleshoot quality issues quickly and completely.
  • Manufacturing and Shop Floor Planning DELMIAWorks provides a complete manufacturing and shop floor planning system with all the tools necessary to manage production across one facility or multiple plants. That means users can make instant decisions based on the total production picture. Meanwhile, optimized scheduling identifies the best start time for each job and any constraints that may affect delivery.

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