Supply Chain Planning & Resilience

Plan, Execute and Maintain Efficient Supply Chains

Risk uncertainty and disparate processes has increased business expectations for fluidity in supply chains in order to meet market demand. Industrial technology enables companies to design, produce, deliver and support more complex products at a larger scale than ever before. To make this possible, supply chains have become increasingly global and local, requiring an integrated ecosystem where all key external stakeholders can collaborate easily.

This complexity increases the probability of disruption, especially when there are shortages in supply and factory and delivery workers. Add to that, there is an extensive and expensive set of processes with manual tasks and decisions that are made by humans, and customers don’t want to incur this cost.  However, through proper supply chain planning and optimization technology, manufacturers can build agility and resilience to ensure continuity throughout their supply chains.

Increasing demand for sustainability and regulatory pressure also necessitates that industries create a circular economybalancing planet conservation with profit, and second life product capabilities. Only agile and resilient companies can establish environmentally and financially sustainable supply chains capable of thriving in today’s challenging business landscape.

To tackle the complexity of creating a truly integrated supply chain where outsourcing and external collaboration is a necessity, modern planning solutions must:

  • Enable model-based virtual twins of the value network that represents metrics, business processes and data
  • Provide a control tower view that leverages data science and optimization, creating end-to-end supply chain visibility and control for smarter business decisions
  • Enable supply chain planning in a collaborative ecosystem that connects all stakeholders and uses real-world data in real time to facilitate the effective execution of plans
  • Leverage world-class technology to benefit from artificial intelligence for automating basic decisions and identifying risk factors
  • Infuse more agility and resilience through model-based simulations and what-if scenarios to create truly technically advanced and sustainable supply chains
  • Optimize logistics for improved metrics to track and manage customer experiences
  • Improve productivity, safety and retention in the workforce while eliminating waste

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform equips businesses with holistic solutions that provide end-to-end supply chain visibility and world-class optimization capabilities for continuous, ‘change ready’ improvement. This helps companies establish sustainable value networks optimized to meet company goals and create a competitive advantage while minimizing risks and the impact of disruptions.


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