In today’s dynamic healthcare marketplace, Biopharmaceutical companies need increased plant agility, throughput and time-to-market aligned with demand, all while meeting FDA compliance. Our unique, integrated end-to-end solution for Biopharmaceutical companies provides real-time planning of operations, finite capacity scheduling and optimization, connecting people, ideas, data and products in a single collaborative and interactive environment available at all times.

DELMIA enables you to improve production flows and remove bottlenecks by simulating multiple scenarios—considering forecasts, resources and variable production processes; reduce production material constraints through continuous synchronization of supplier production with your manufacturing operations; and increase production utilization at finite capacity by balancing production lines and resources while managing unplanned events.

This solution provides companies with a unique ability to manage, track and optimize operations across the globe, helping to drive continuous improvement, product and process innovation and effectively delivering high-quality products and services to the end consumer.

Key Benefits:

  • Agile operations, planning and engineering to deliver patient-centric therapies
  • On-demand access to process and quality knowledge across the manufacturing network
  • Model and optimize people, plant and equipment processes
  • Achieve real-time visibility, control and synchronization of business and manufacturing processes, spanning global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence
Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Made to Cure for BioPharma

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, organizations need to ensure and defend their market competitiveness as never before. They must maximize efficiency and reduce costs in their production processes, while at the same time, monitor and maintain high product quality and yield, minimize variability, and meet regulatory requirements worldwide. The Made to Cure for BioPharma Industry Solution Experience provides capabilities that enable organizations to shorten process development times, reduce tech transfer costs, and bring quality products to market with lower risk and improved profitability.