Life Sciences & Healthcare

Digitally Transform Your Manufacturing Operations with Speed

The Life Sciences industry has seen an acceleration of unique advancements in response to the global pandemic. Industry collaboration intensified in vaccine development and clinical trial execution, and factories within and outside of life sciences repurposed their production facilities to make personal protective equipment and ventilators. And while some Life Sciences business sectors idled, others ran at overcapacity. As Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Biomedical companies move forward, they look to become more resilient and innovative, develop patient-centric solutions as well as manage the ever-present business demands of FDA regulatory compliance, quality and prompt delivery of new products to market.

To thrive in today’s ever more complex and disruptive reality, DELMIA delivers world-class manufacturing operations solutions for Life Sciences businesses that shorten new product introduction (NPI) times, reduce manufacturing costs and bring high quality products to market with regulatory compliance, at lower risk and improved profitability.

DELMIA solutions support Life Sciences production practices by enabling production and planning efficiency with complete eDHR records, required FDA regulatory compliance and quality management. For users responsible for manufacturing, DELMIA helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance, improves operational performance and accelerates time to market by providing digital continuity from design all the way through to manufacturing and the supply chain.

Life Sciences companies will be able to deliver sustainable benefits leveraging our solutions, including:

  • 15-20% productivity gain
  • Significant reduction in inventory
  • Successful FDA audits, eDHR, full traceability
  • Over 50% reduction in scrap activities
  • Enforce process standards across manufacturing
  • Accelerate time to market and decreased lead time
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

This solution provides companies with a unique ability to manage, track and optimize operations across the globe, helping to drive continuous improvement, product and process innovation and effectively delivering high-quality products and services to the end consumer.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

Using DELMIA solutions, our world leading customers ensure product quality and eDHR compliance, synchronize material flows, accelerate NPI and support cost reductions and continuous improvement programs in a regulated environment.