Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

Consumer goods manufacturers strive to improve their supply chains and operations but often find it difficult to execute their strategies. DELMIA delivers value by allowing easy scaling, quick growth and updating of the manufactures’ models as their business evolves with market trends. Every member of the value network will be able to Collaborate, Model, Optimize and Perform operations effectively and efficiently. Users will gain visibility of all business processes and access to relevant information, including production parameters such as resource capacities and financial costs. They are immediately notified when changes occur at any stage of a process.

Our solutions offer a wide degree of configurability, enabling you to integrate all rules and constraints relevant to your operations. Changes can be propagated to other relevant areas and their effects can be viewed in real time.

DELMIA operates with one goal in mind—to achieve your performance and financial KPIs. Users can view the impact of every decision made on order fulfillment, delivery and inventory levels, customer satisfaction and margin fulfillment. Our solutions are used in many different areas such as food processing, liquid scheduling of beverages, recipe blending, efficient packaging production, waste reduction and increased product traceability in cosmetics production. 

Collaboration Across Teams

In consumer packaged goods companies, efficient teamwork in the factory, warehouse and across departments is essential for supplying tomorrow's market demands. DELMIA’s 3DLean solution empowers teams to find new ways to innovate by bringing people together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and collaboration. It is a customizable and interactive tool, enabling your teams to capture, monitor and track operational meetings and problem solving. Additionally, it provides the ability to aggregate relevant and key information from different areas of operations. 

Lean Operational Management: Digitalize lean practices on the shop floor, leveraging big touch screen technologies.


Industrial Engineering and Virtual Twin Experience

As a consumer goods manufacturer, transforming the way you plan your supply chain requires a fully capable virtual twin that covers the entire product development process from conceptualization to distribution. Leveraging DELMIA’s Virtual Twin Experience, different product variables can be fully simulated and modified on an accurate digital representation of the proposed product. The consequences of these modifications can be viewed in real time. This generates a higher-quality digital model that translates to a more mature and fully realized physical product—before a single physical prototype is even created. 

Manufacturing Process Engineering
: Increase first-time-right production through digital simulation and Virtual Twin Experience


Planning & Optimization

Our Planning solutions maximize your full value chain’s potential by optimizing it at operational, tactical and strategic levels. They provide fully integrated end-to-end visibility and can simulate different planning scenarios while monitoring their impact on relevant KPIs. More importantly, they offer a wide degree of configurability, enabling you to integrate all rules and constraints relevant to your operations. You can propagate changes across the value chain and view their effects in real time. Equip planners with a multi-user, web-based environment that integrates all input sources in a single source of truth. Quickly generate optimal plans driven by world record-breaking optimization technology. Measure current and future event progress and results according individual KPIs with predictive analytics and prescriptive decision support. Learn more: 


Demand Planning and S&OP: Align supply with demand through effective forecasting and consumer demand trends

Master Production Scheduling: Meet customer commitments with confidence and efficiency

Production Scheduling: Increase productivity and delivery performance while reducing inventory and waste


Workforce Planning

Planners in the CPG-R industry need real-time visibility across all operations. This is essential to quickly spot problems and automatically re-assign employees where there is shortage or extra help is needed. DELMIA’s Workforce Planning solution automatically assesses the demand, then plans and schedules shifts. Specific tasks can be assigned to each shift, along with accurate predictions of the time required per task. The solution then matches them with the right employees based on skills, experience, contractual agreements and personal preferences. Planners can generate optimal schedules that maximize productivity while taking into account upcoming holidays, important events and disruptions. Learn more:  

Workforce scheduling : Workforce scheduling for optimal productivity


Manufacturing & Operations

DELMIA’s Global Manufacturing Platform provides global manufacturing operations modularization and control with local tuning and execution, worldwide across all plants. Consumer product manufacturers gain control over manufacturing operations and visibility into plants and suppliers to improve performance. Furthermore, our solutions ensure synchronization across operations and the product supply network. Learn more:

Warehouse Management: A unified solution for synchronizing inventory management with production

Line Supply Fulfillment: Synchronize production with inbound material and component flows

Production Execution: Efficiently manage end-to-end manufacturing processes

Quality Execution: Unify and enhance quality across manufacturing operations