Today’s consumers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) - Retail industry are no longer concerned with just product quality and price, they now want to be part of a collaborative product experience.  When a brand or retailer fails to deliver on these expectations, consumers will move on.  As a result, CPG product lifecycles are getting shorter.  Leading CPG and Retail companies are leveraging digital solutions to deliver innovation from concept to consumer with extraordinary speed to delight consumers and drive sustainable business growth.

Serving the needs of all stakeholders across the Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail value chain

Food & Beverage
Accelerate growth and meet consumer demand for ‘healthier’ while driving sustainability initiatives and regulatory compliance for maximum efficiency.
Beauty & Personal Care
Drive organic growth by reducing time to develop while managing global regulatory complexity
Household Products
Build your household products portfolio in the CPG & Retail Industry around sustainability with greener products and implement a 'glocal' strategy for new markets
Packaging Suppliers
Differentiate your value proposition while you optimize production efficiency and reduce materials costs
General Retailers
Optimize logistics operations to fulfill consumer demand at lower costs while meeting delivery preferences and sustainability KPIs

Addressing the business challenges of the Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail Industry

Finding profitable growth in the 'age of experience' is a big challenge facing CPG and Retail companies. We have identified several CPG and Retail business drivers that can be vital to long-term success and growth.

The New Consumer
Consumer behavior and preferences are shifting faster than ever and companies must react quickly to deliver meaningful innovation on short timelines
Margin Pressure
Investor pressure is mounting for companies to drive sustainable growth and increase profits with the same or fewer resources
Regulatory Compliance
Expand and modify portfolios to support health and wellness trends and manage regulatory compliance efficiently
Production Complexity
Demand for more personalized products is leading to an increase in SKUs.  Manage production complexity to provide the right product at the right time.
Supply Chain Volatility
Disruptions and the emergence of new supply and delivery models have companies thinking about how to become more agile
Race For Science-Driven Innovation
Act ‘like a start-up’ and shift resources to innovate in new categories
The Sustainability Mandate
Consumers and Regulators are both looking for commitments from companies to act in more sustainable ways as a company and to launch more eco-efficient products in the market 

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Trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail Industry