The Key to Increasing Profitability

The key to unlocking margin growth is to eliminate to non-value added activities which can keep your organization from driving innovation

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Increase the product innovation success rate

It is widely known in the CPG industry that the success rate on product innovation hovers around 50%. Why do many initiatives fail to reach their success metrics? Time and cost. Delays to market can jeapordize sales and mismanaging internal data and estimates can cause costs to spiral out of control.


CPG companies need to increase the success rate on innovation, they need to launch more innovation, and they need to reduce the time to market for each initiative. This means managing internal data betterestablishing a platform for collaboration, and implementing a model-first strategy to reduce guesswork that can derail and slow down projects.


Connect people, data, and systems to:

Looking to reduce plastic? AMCOR uses simulation to drive sustainability

Learn how leading companies are creating more sustainable packaging. Global leader AMCOR is able to reduce plastic through ‘lightweighting’ designs and leveraging simulation tools to identify potential failure points.


Driving smart product decisions with powerful information

As the pressure from shareholders and competitors rises, it's more important than ever for companies to get innovation 'right the first time'. This means launching projects on time and below cost parameters. In order to do this, decision-makers need to be working with the best information.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a single integrated environment that enables project teams to collaborate more easily and provides powerful simulation models to drive costs out of product recipes, packaging materials, and logistics approaches. When everyone has immediate access to the right data, decisions get made more easily, projects flow faster and success rates increase.

Perfect Shelf brings a new and innovative approach to category management that helps us present our new products in the most attractive way possible.

Stanislas de Maleissye
Stanislas de Maleissye
Senior Category and Trade Marketing Manager General Mills France

Leverage simulation to reduce time and cost

General Mills France uses 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to co-create the best merchandising strategies with their Retail partners to drive successful product placement and maximize sales.

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