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Leveraging science to create tomorrow’s innovation

New categories of products are being developed and launched with the agility and speed showcased by local, smaller, more agile firms.   This includes the emergence of products like plant-based proteins, household products from concentrate, drinks infused with organics, food products with protein-based algae, CBD-oil infuse into new beauty and food products.  What connects all these product ideas is a rich link to advances in science


Next-generation products won’t be delivered using last generation processes and tools.  Design a new product formula using virtual simulation technologies opens up both new frontiers of creativity and previously unheard abilities to bring innovative new products to market faster, cheaper, with a lower barrier to entry and a higher level of quality.


Approach innovation with agility:


Shift resources to innovate in new categories

Advanced scientific tools can help companies move fast to provide new flavors, new benefits, and utilize new materials.  Simulation technologies are also becoming and a requirement for bringing products to market quickly and at a lower cost. Material simulation, manufacturing simulation, and logistics simulation are all differentiators that give companies a considerable competitive advantage to make the innovation which will make the difference in the market


With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, CPG brand manufacturers can leverage virtual testing to formulate new ingredients by simulating hundreds of potential recipes and determining the optimal solution in a short period of time.  This allows companies to expand and modify portfolios to support expansion into new health and wellness segments

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