The design team can quickly deliver high-quality solutions in a digital environment. In this way, we rely less on physical prototyping and can even launch a product straight into production based only on its digital model.

Anton Sugoniaev
Packaging Development Engineer, RETAL

Accelerate New Ideas

In a time of rapidly changing consumer trends, packaging suppliers face the challenges of efficiently delivering fresh designs in shorter and shorter timeframes. To differentiate their value propositions in a market of 'perceived commodity', packaging suppliers must drive innovation based on consumer insights and make their entire operation more efficient.

If new package designs can be simulated before any samples are made, bottle and preform design iterations happen more quickly and cheaply, speeding up the entire design chain and resulting in quicker time to market.

Sumit Mukherjee
Director, CAE & Simulation, Plastic Technologies Inc.

Reduce Materials Costs

Reducing raw materials costs and driving sustainability is a difficult challenge for packaging suppliers in the CPG & Retail industry. Balancing product stability, cost reduction and sustainability properly can help set a packaging supplier apart from the crowd in a competitive industry. With powerful simulation tools, the amount of material and particular mix of components can be optimized to ensure a product that can deliver.

It’s developing the right package for their brand for their consumer, that’s efficient and automatable on a global scale.


Manage Production Complexity

Driving lean production initiatives is imperative to managing production complexity and shorter lead times. Packaging suppliers need to respond quickly to clients that want their packaging quickly and delivering on-time is critical. To put it simply, packaging suppliers can't afford to make manufacturing mistakes. Understanding that a particular packaging can be manufactured properly before implementing test runs, can save cycles and reduce time to delivery.

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Reduce Plastic Usage

Learn how leading companies are creating more sustainable packaging. Global leader AMCOR is able to reduce plastic through ‘lightweighting’ designs and leveraging simulation tools to identify potential failure points.

Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Packaging with Digitalization

A Gameplan for Growth in the Packaging Industry

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