Sustainable Logistics

The cost of empty miles cannot be overstated. Robbing retailers of fuel, time and money, underutilized miles represent a wealth of missed opportunities for profit. Finding an effective way to fill these miles can help slash supply chain costs, improve logistics performance and sharpen competitive edge. Our solution shows retailers how its planners can seize opportunities for route consolidation and improve its KPI for empty miles — something no other solution provider is able to do. By leveraging dynamic planning, retailers can deliver higher efficiency and lower costs to win in the market.


Inbound-Outbound Complexity

Retailers and distributors need to find smarter ways to transport products to stores at the lowest cost, without sacrificing on-shelf availability and product quality. The importance of customer experience and cost control are key challenges in retail, as are rapidly evolving technologies and sudden disruptions. Recent global disruptions uncovered the vulnerability of global supply chains and the need for improved resilience and agility.  Mature planning optimization tools can help Retailers manage complexity and disruptions to continue serving their customers better than ever. 

Having just the right number of store employees at each location is only possible if the retailer knows the workload required for each task to be carried out at the right time, with the right number of hours and resources.


Workforce Planning

In the retail world, customer service is king.  However, given the large number of outlets and staff that retailers typically have, creating memorable customer experience is easier said than done.  Implementing smarter workforce demand planning can make life so much easier.  A configurable solution enables your company to define its tasks freely and align all decisions to business goals — especially customer satisfaction.  We offer a fast, accurate and scalable solution that can calculate workforce demand, while allowing a company to maintain its HR management approach.


Last Mile Delivery

Speed is critical in last mile delivery, but it’s not just finding the shortest and fastest routes. Your system needs to ‘think on its feet’. Real-time data, visibility over your supply chain and continuous optimization help ensure your planning system keeps up with all changes — from fluctuating demand and consumer requirements to on-the-ground situations like traffic congestion — and your plans are always feasible, optimal and up-to-date. With the right system, you can continuously add or remove new orders as the system maintains the right balance between costs and consumer service.

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