And finally, consumers are becoming more aware of what’s around them, leading to an increased demand for eco-friendly products.

John Replogle
CEO, Seventh Generation

Sustainability Initiatives

Cleaning the world does not mean you have to dirty the planet. There is a significant shift towards household products in the CPG industry that are effective but gentle and eco-friendly to the environment. To meet this demand and expand the market for sustainable and 'green' products, household product Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers must enhance their product portfolio with products that can compete. This means driving sustainability initiatives across product development, reformulation efforts, and both packaging and manufacturing initiatives.


Design-for-Cost Formulation

R&D organizations from brand and contract manufacturers can balance performance and cost with a robust formula design and management solution that manages powerful ingredient-level calculations. Constant innovation in products requires an agile development for formulations. More than ever, it is also about leveraging the availabilities of raw materials in different plants around the world at the lowest cost.


Expand to New Markets

Market globalization and product success replication in every region of the world is a key challenge for a world class CPG brand manufacturer. Local and global governmental regulations and brands willing to strengthen consumers’ ‘trust in their equity’ rely on a perfect regulatory compliancy for formulas. Very often today, managing regulatory compliance is a highly manual process: collecting status reviews, discovering changes late in the process and making decisions on the right materials to be used, is a long and unsaved knowledge process.


Raw Materials Costs

Rare mineral resources can drive costs up for household products companies in the CPG industry. With enormous pressure on internal margins, how do companies react when materials go up in price? Leveraging science for raw materials substitutions that can help decrease formula costs is a lever that leading companies can take advantage of.

Procter & Gamble Press Release

P&G uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to drive innovation efficiency and manage product and packaging specs

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