The Smart, Data-Driven Product Formulation Strategy

Launch more sustainable formulations with speed, quality and cost savings. Opt for a data-driven strategy powered by smart technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

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Deliver on consumer demand for 'healthy'

As consumers push for healthier, higher quality products, governing bodies are responding by increasing the amount of regulations and compliance standards and practices that CPG brand manufacturers need to adhere to.  Standards change as you move country to country or between product segments within the same market.   This creates a mountain of standards and paperwork that need to be handled diligently by each company.


Regulations can involve the handling of raw materials, how products are formulated, how packaging is labeled, laboratory standards that need to be in place, plant procedures to be adhered to, shipping processes to follow and more.  With stiff penalties and the threat of product recall, CPG manufacturers simply cannot afford to have any issues in these areas.  This encourages the use of internal controls to closely monitor and adhere to the ever-shifting amount of regulations.


Find the fastest path to formula optimization and compliance:

Use raw materials substitution to manage costs and stay on-trend with consumers.

Deliver customized products with accelerated time to market and competitive prices.

Win more business and increase your ROI with the capacity to mass produce economically and efficiently.

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Manage regulatory requirements efficiently

The penalties of a regulatory violation or product recall can be in the millions of dollars.  CPG companies simply cannot afford any major missteps in the area of regulatory compliance or traceability.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows for improved regulatory compliance and traceability by maintaining data on a digital platform so quality standards and processes can be captured and shared across sites so quality and compliance can be maintained.  With the platform, CPG brand manufacturers can leverage virtual testing to reformulate with new ingredients by simulating hundreds of potential recipes and determining the optimal solution in a short period of time.  This allows companies to expand and modify portfolios to support health and wellness trends, while managing regulations efficiently.   

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