Last Mile Challenges

As consumers want more choice and control, brand manufacturers and retailers are racing for a winning last mile delivery strategy.  Filled with disruptions, increased regulations, new technology and new players, the battleground to increase speed and velocity of deliveries has grown increasingly complex. In fact, the pressure to make logistics more eco-efficient while still delivering a great customer experience has never been higher. It’s time to redefine how you will efficiently and effectively move product from transportation centers to final destinations. It’s time to rethink the last mile. 

There are plenty of planning tools that can help companies plan routes with many constraints, but they fall short in being able to optimize against multiple business KPIs while simultaneously respecting all the constraints. Watch our video to understand what makes our solution unique

Managing Disruptions

Disruptions are now the norm and not the exception.  While we may not always be facing a global pandemic, there are other disruptions, both large and small, which have an effect on last mile planning.  It could be a labor strike, or vehicle issues, or weather events, or shifting regulations, or even a change of delivery location.  The key is to have all your constraints modeled in a system.  This means that when you change a constraint, the model will show you how the plan is affected and what the impact is on business goals like customer satisfaction, lower costs and reduced carbon emissions.   

A proper solution will help you understand exactly how your business goals are impacted when your plan changes.  Watch our webinar on last mile logistics planning to understand how a dedicated, advanced planning system can:

  • Respond to mounting disruptions with agility and speed
  • Optimize the plan as you respond to the rise and fall in demand and logistics availability
  • Maintain service levels while keeping operational costs to a minimum

How to optimize your last mile delivery in times of disruption

In this webinar video, you'll learn how to prepare your last mile delivery for sudden disruptions and future challenges.

Solving the eCommerce Challenge

The surge of online orders in recent years has made e-commerce more important than ever as a strategy to increase and retain market share. Retailers are now being judged on how fast they deliver orders, how they are impacting the environment, how they communicate delivery details, and even how convenient it is for consumers to change delivery windows and locations at the last minute. This is especially true for grocery retailers.

What are the typical roadblocks to eCommerce profitability? The use of legacy planning systems that cannot accommodate the increase in planning complexity and a lack of visibility across the supply chain.

With Dassault Systèmes’ Perfect Logistics solution, powered by a world record-breaking optimizer, our customers are enabled to drive planning decisions to achieve the results they want.  Immediate KPI-based feedback has helped them:

  • Reduce mileage by 10 to 15 percent
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Improve the quality of service to consumers

For the Win: The Last Mile Advantage for Grocery Retailers

In our exclusive briefing, find out how an agile and flexible supply chain can set your last mile delivery apart from the competition.

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