DELMIA Quintiq Optimized Planning has a track record of delivering return on investment within six months of implementation with a 5% improvement in operational efficiency. Its unique advantage lies in an award-winning optimization technology working in combination with an accurate business model configured to fit your business 100%. This perfect fit takes into account every rule, requirement and constraint in your operations to optimize complex processes throughout your supply chain and ensure that time, material and labor are all working as one to achieve your KPIs.

Key features and benefits include:

Supply Chain Optimization

Produce workable plans that are optimized against your unique KPIs and are always in sync with the realities of your business.

Optimization Technology

Five powerful technologies – mathematical programming, constraint programming, path optimization algorithm, graph programming and a proprietary configuration language – come together to form the DELMIA Quintiq Optimizer.




Optimization World Records

The superiority of DELMIA Quintiq’s optimization technology has been proven time and time again by solving some of the toughest optimization puzzles in the world such as the Vehicle Routing Program with Time Windows (VRPTW) – arguably the most studied problem in the field of combinatorial optimization.