Today’s business leaders often say that information overload is reducing confidence during the decision-making process. What they need isn’t more information. It’s more insight. That’s where advanced analytics comes in.

With a deeper understanding of the interactions between your assets, network and customers, and accurate measurements of the length, frequency and likelihood of events, comes increased stability, reliability and performance.

DELMIA Quintiq’s advanced analytics technology isn’t built to make complex decisions on your behalf – your years of experience are irreplaceable. Instead, it performs complex calculations on large volumes of data to identify patterns and deliver insights, predictions and recommendations. It turns information overload into an information advantage.

DELMIA Quintiq's self-learning algorithms mean that the quality of plans and schedules will always increase as the system learns more about your business. As your and the system's understanding grows and scheduling becomes more accurate, you'll see performance and service delivery stabilize.

From Data into Knowledge

First, your data is analyzed and converted into knowledge. For example, the data might reveal to a manufacturer that a piece of machinery typically runs a few minutes slower with every year of its life, impacting production times. Or tell a logistics planner the typical length and frequency of delays in a particular area of coverage.

Predictions of Future Outcomes

And then, DELMIA Quintiq technology looks at your historical data in order to make ever-more accurate predictions of future outcomes. For example, the knowledge extracted from your data may reveal to a rail infrastructure manager when maintenance is likely to be needed on a particular section of track.

Planning and Optimization

Finally, DELMIA Quintiq supports you in planning and optimizing on the basis of that knowledge. It plots a recommended course of action that maximizes your critical performance metrics, such as profitability, customer satisfaction and efficiency levels. In the case of a steel plant, that might mean adding another shift and optimizing a revised production schedule to support a predicted spike in demand.

The Self-Learning Supply Chain

DELMIA Quintiq is uniquely positioned to exploit the combined power of planning, optimization and advanced analytics. Advanced analytics technology is applied to all of the data available in the Quintiq planning system.

When combined with DELMIA Quintiq’s world-record-breaking optimization technology, you have planning, advanced analytics and optimization all in one solution. In this way, you gain the benefits of the Self-Learning Supply Chain , where self-learning algorithms continuously update and improve the accuracy of information and reliability of insights, which in turn leads to better planning, predictions and recommendations.

Key features and benefits include:

Price Optimization & Revenue Management

Combine your historical data with predictions of customer behavior and market trends in order to prescribe optimal prices for new and existing products and services. By getting an accurate reading of price sensitivity, available capacity is priced optimally and revenue is maximized.

Real-time Optimization

Your business landscape is dynamic – opportunities and risks present themselves when you least expect it. Advanced analytics works in real time to allow you to identify and respond to changing circumstances and maintain optimal plans.

Knowledge Discovery Through Master Data Management

Hidden in your data is valuable knowledge about your business. DELMIA Quintiq’s advanced analytics component extracts that knowledge to provide up-to-date and accurate estimates of setup times, task durations, service times, travel times, and any other relevant factors that can be derived from your data.

Learn More About Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics technology allows you to broaden and deepen your understanding of your business and the landscape it operates in. Hidden in your data are opportunities and risks. Your data can tell you stories about your customers and answer questions you hadn’t thought to ask.

Imagine what knowing the answers to the following questions would be worth to your business:

Descriptive Analytics: What just happened and why?

Answering this question allows you (and the system) to learn from past actions and behaviors in order to improve future plans and make increasingly accurate predictions.

Predictive Analytics: What might happen next?

In a complex and dynamic environment, the value of reliable predictions is high. Understanding the life cycles of your assets, the capacity of your workforce, and the viability of your operational plans puts you in control of your future.

Prescriptive Analytics: What should I do?

Make better business decisions, even under pressure on the day of execution, when you have access to recommendations built on a foundation of accurate predictions and world-record-breaking optimization technology.

Scenario Analytics: What if I…?


When it is part of your long-term planning process, scenario planning can prepare you for what might happen, giving you a ready-made plan of action when the unexpected strikes. At any stage during the planning process, up to and including the day of operations, you are able to ask what-if questions to test the quality of your planning decisions.