Sustainable Manufacturing and Circular Economy

Enable and Accelerate More Sustainable Global Operations

Manufacturers have a corporate and social responsibility to be sustainable, both in operations and designing sustainable products. What has become apparent is that industrial operations contribute to the overuse of our planet’s vital resources and creates further environmental damage from emissions, excessive material waste and disposal methods. With industries under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint, it represents significant risks for businesses to ignore.

The demand for sustainable manufacturing is only going to increase especially with the rising concerns around climate change and the planet. Local and federal governments and communities demand meaningful change from the manufacturing sector. These required changes impact every step of the supply chain and we see a shift toward smart factories and digital supply chain networks. Recent evidence indicates that sustainability is good for business, rewarding those companies that have sustainability objectives.

While sustainable operations can eliminate waste and improve environmental impact—it also creates value in manufacturing and supply chain management. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA helps organizations achieve more sustainable operations by enabling the simulation of products and processes. It can optimize plans to enable "First Time Right." It helps them with data-driven decision making and optimizing manufacturing and operations.

Most, if not all, manufacturers will need to embark on a digital transformation that allows them to evolve to an enterprise that meets all sustainability concerns, including:

  • Product design with sustainability in mind
  • Forging the factory of the future
  • Powering the industry through renewable/green energy or more ethical material sourcing
  • A circular economy and supply chain that reduces waste and addresses recycling or second life product

Companies will benefit by lowering production costs, improving regulatory compliance, building long-term resilience, generating better growth opportunities and connecting with their target audience.

DELMIA helps all industries and service providers drive sustainable innovation through solutions like the Virtual Twin Experience, which helps them choose actions that best align with their business and sustainability goals. Explore DELMIA solutions today and discover how you can reimagine the future of sustainable manufacturing by driving efficient operations that are productive, profitable and create a positive impact on the world.


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