Industry Trends

Transforming Manufacturing and Operations for Optimal Performance


Thanks to constant industry innovation, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is now becoming a common practice in business. IBP is a critical success factor in optimizing and connecting the end-to-end supply chain with sales and operations planning, operational best practices, and financial profitability.

Advanced digital technology infuses agility and resiliency into the decision support process to better plan, determine profitable business outcomes and collaborate to achieve results from higher profit to improved customer satisfaction. This makes it easier for companies to conduct a successful program through the use of IBP which provides a framework to incorporate all of these additional stakeholder viewpoints and unique factors that have tangible implications to the overall business plan.

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Effective and efficient supply chains are essential for every industry to create, manufacture and deliver on time, on budget and to customer expectations. The recent pandemic has created factory worker shortages, idle trucks with no drivers, congested and bottlenecked shipping ports, production and supplier disruptions, equipment part replacement issues, nowadays disruption is a constant.

Learn how using advanced technology infuses agility and resiliency into the supply chain to minimize the negative impact of disruption, focus on profitable business outcomes, maintain fluid operations and improve customer satisfaction.  

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Current global trends, customer demands and regulatory pressure dictate that manufacturers produce, ship and deliver through business processes that conserve energy and natural resources. This also applies to the configuration and expectation that supply chains minimize all categories of waste, from materials to unneeded energy consumption, and reduce the environmental impact to establish more sustainable global operations.

Advanced virtual solutions enable users to plan and maintain efficient operations and make informed decisions to fulfill business and sustainability goals while opening the door to a circular economy.

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Optimizing operations, managing costs and developing deeper customer relationships is high on every organizations agenda. One clear trend is to leverage virtual digital solutions that enable manufacturers to visualize the perfect plans for new products, facilities, and production processes in order to run efficiently throughout the supply chain. With this capability, manufacturers can achieve agility, rapid innovation, accuracy and deliver better experiences for their customers.

Expand the use of digital models into an actionable virtual twin that enhances processes between engineering and manufacturing—paving the way to excellence in production, assembly, testing and maintenance.

Learn how the convergence of the virtual and real worlds can maximize returns, optimize operations and create better connections with customers.

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