DELMIA provides innovative solutions to thrive in the complex reality of today’s rail industry. By applying KPI-based planning and world-record breaking optimization algorithms, the DELMIA Rail Planning, Scheduling and Optimization Solution surpasses the capabilities of traditional solutions. Optimally integrate all rail resources into a cohesive, flexible plan to enable improved service quality and crew satisfaction, reduced operating costs and full visibility into changes. At DELMIA, our team of experts has over 20 years of experience in railway planning and optimization, providing world-leading railway undertakings across all industry segments with smart mobility solutions to optimize their operations. This ranges from long distance, regional passenger and suburban train operators to infrastructure management and maintenance service providers.

Solutions for Rail Operations

Passenger Rail

The global resurgence of rail as the recognized, reliable and sustainable transport mode for the mass movement of passengers presents new opportunities for industry leaders. To capitalize on this and claim market leadership, rail operators need high levels of automation, optimization and decision support for efficient planning, scheduling and execution of excellent railway services. DELMIA Service, Fleet and Crew solutions leverage an extended range of AI techniques and technical capabilities well beyond traditional IT systems to overcome even the toughest planning and optimization challenges. 

Public Transport

DELMIA Quintiq enables your transit planners to optimize timetables and the utilization of all resources. You're able to handle strategic, tactical and operational planning throughout the organization using one integrated solution.

Freight Rail Operations

Rail freight operators must balance seemingly conflicting goals—from providing reliable, affordable and traceable services to maximizing returns, accommodating employee preferences and complying with strict safety regulations. Furthermore, they must manage volatile demand and compete with other modes of transportation that offer higher flexibility or better prices. DELMIA solutions for Freight Rail Operations allow you to boost your rail freight business performance and make profitable planning decisions every single time. Overcome the challenges facing freight undertakings today, including pricing decisions, last-minute orders, seasonal fluctuations and day-of-operations disruptions, and be ready to reap bigger profits in rail freight.  

Rail Infrastructure Management

Whether you are a network manager or a railway infrastructure contractor, DELMIA empowers you to operate at your best with Rail Infrastructure Management. You can maximize capacity and make intelligent, financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance and growth. Plan across all time horizons, from years ahead to the day of operations with DELMIA solutions for network management and infrastructure management contracting.